Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting our Daddy fix!

 Wednesday we let Kate tell us what she wanted to do with Daddy before he went back to work. She said she wanted to go to the park and fishing. She also said the movies--but there are NO kids movies in theaters right now. Almost everything is R...such a messed up society we live in. Anyway, we went to the park first. Kate enjoyed running around with Dad. At one point she had Jon sit down here and told him they were going to make wood chip cookies. This of course led to us making chocolate chip cookes at home that night. 

After the park we headed to a pond by Scott's house and went fishing. However, that turned into just feeding the fish. They weren't biting, but Kate was enjoying feeding them bread. Overall it was a great time to just hang out as a family. This quick visit has been just what the girls and I needed. And Jon needed it too. He misses his girls! If anything, him being away reminds me just how much we love him and need him in our lives.

Dad comes for a visit!

While talking on the phone to Jon Sunday night he reluctantly told me he was coming to visit on Monday. He wanted to make it a surprise, but after hearing about my day, could tell I needed the boost! It was heaven sent. I needed this chance to recharge! We made the most of his 2 full days home! We started off by going to Galveston Tuesday. Our fun started by riding the ferry and seeing dolphins! Then we got to the aquarium. It was PERFECT! There was almost no one there, so we had the place to ourselves. Kate had a blast!
 First up they were feeding the seals when we got there. It was so cool--they had them doing tricks and everything. Talk about perfect timing! We stood there for a good while just enjoying the show!
 Then we roamed around checking it all out. Kate literally ran from tank to tank yelling "Look DAD!", "Come here Dad!" or "Wow Dad! Comere!". Her excitement made the old people there laugh. (it was senior citizen day! They got in for $5. I SO see myself dragging Jon to do stuff like that when we are old and cheap!!)

 They had this passport to sharks thing set up around the aquarium where if you found a certain shark in the exhibit you were supposed to put a stamp on your passport. Kate LOVED putting her stamps in her paper!
 Funny kid is a chicken though! She wouldn't reach into the water to touch the star fish. She wanted us to, but she refused.

In the shark cage. Kate thought it was really fun to climb in. Must take after her dad...

 Silly hats in the gift shop. Kate ended up breaking the one she has on in the shot so she got one by default.

Next Kate requested that we go to the beach. It was supposed to rain all day and was windy, so we didn't get to stay very long. But we were there long enough to have a good time. Here is how Abby spent her first trip to the beach. She's a regular beach bum! (ps, Kate will now grab her bum and sad "Look I a beach bum!") And it wasn't cold so don't think I was letting Abby freeze!!

  Kate decided part of the way through our trip that the water was scary. She would run out to it and when the waves came in she would cling to our legs and try to climb away. Silly kid! I got wet up to my knees trying to outrun the waves.

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Just hanging out with Habigail and mommy, Daddy"

 So it's no real secret that Jon is out of town for work. In the beginning I tried to keep it on the down low...ya know in case someone wanted to come rob us or something because they found out. But I have found for my own health I CAN'T not talk about it. This has been so hard for me! At least the last time he was out of town he came home Saturday. Now its just a 10 minute phone call every day. Not enough! I'm trying to be strong for my girls (NOTE the trying...I feel like I'm barely keeping it together most days, but I'm striving to do better.) When I was in Arizona for a wedding last weekend (post to come as soon as I get more pictures!) I asked my Dad for a Father's Blessing. In our church it is a blessing a Father can give his children to give them guidance and comfort during their trials. My blessing from my Dad gave me so much comfort and strength that I think on often. I am so grateful to have a Father who is worthy and willing to help me. In the blessing I was told I would be given strength during my trials, and I am seeing God's hand in the daily things. I just hope and pray to be a better strength for my kids. Kate is especially having a hard time with this. She is being very emotional, and unlike her, not cuddly. In fact she will tell me to not hug her or touch her. I am starting to get really worried. The last thing I want is for this to put a wedge between us. If anyone has ANY advice or tricks to try I would appreciate it! I want her and I to have a close relationship always. I have a date lined up for Kate and I to go out alone, so I think that will be good, but I need more than that to ensure success. When Kate talks to Jon every night he asks her what she did that day. Her response always starts out with "Just hanging out with Habigial and Mommy, Daddy". She prays every day that Daddy will come home tomorrow. It just breaks my heart to see my happy, cheerful girl this sad. And worse is feeling like I don't have enough strength to help her like she needs. I guess that's why I'm posting, to vent my feelings and ask for advice.
But anyway-- just hanging out here we tried to take some pictures of Abs big smiles. She scrunches up her nose when she smiles big and it just melts my heart. But again my camera is too slow...(I'm really starting to think my reward for surviving this separation will be a fancy camera!)

 And Kate, sweet Kate. Today she told me while watching Brave she was going to ride her horse like Merida. I asked her if she had her Merida dress on too, and she RAN to her dress up box and said "YAY my critty dress!" Then she found her "wallet just like you mom" and brought that along for her horse ride. I just love that girl so much. I would give anything to make her little world a stable, happy place again. Well with any luck Jon will be home in another month. Cross your fingers and pray with me! We all need to have him home again. We just love him so much!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Christmas Present

For Christmas Jon built us a bed. It all started one day when he found a great deal on a King size bed. So we got it. He asked me what headboard I wanted him to make, and when I showed him he decided to just make a full bed instead of just a headboard. I Love Love love how it turned out! I'm proud that my man made it.
It's hard to take a picture of it in our room since it is so big, but here it is! Just beautiful. And I made the love sign to on the shelf behind it. I really love how my room turned out!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Arizona Wedding

   I had to opportunity to attend my beautiful cousin's wedding in Arizona this past weekend. Originally Kate was going to spend the weekend with her dad, but since he was sent out of town for work my AMAZING friends the Czubas kept her for me. Abigail and I took our first flight! Abs slept for the entire time--talk about wonderful! Abs was able to meet her Great Grandma! So happy they got to finally meet.
 We then went to the wedding at the Mesa temple. It was beautiful and such a sweet experience. I was able to push my Grandma's wheelchair in the temple, and it was sweet. It was like a silent bonding experience for me, being able to give a small service to the woman who give me so much. The lovely bride and groom!

Then we had the Groom's luncheon. It was pirate themed! Argh!

And the award for funniest pirate face goes to Grandma!! I still smile every time I see a picture of her in that bandanna!!! Such a good sport!
We might have been some of the only people there dressed up...besides the groom and his dad. But it was fun! I wish I had more on than a bandanna...but we did what we could at the last minute.
Sticking to family tradition we decorated the bride and groom's door on their first night. These two were at their own apartment, so while decorating we got to meet the neighbors! I love traditions!

Some fun pictures before the reception.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Roll over!

Today Abby officially rolled over! She's been thinking about it for awhile now but today decided to go for it. I found out because Kate started calling for me "Mommy, Abigail is on my blanket. Come mover her off!". I had to ask Kate if she was the one who moved her to which Kate replied, "No Mommy, her did it".

In other news, we look like druggies around here!I gave in and took the girls to the doctor Monday because Abby got a fever on top of her cold. Turns out Kate had the start of an ear infection, and Abby has bronchitis. We got to go pick out a cute nebulizer (it is a pink cat....) and I get to give little miss a breathing treatment every 4 hours. Not the most fun experience! But whatever it takes to make our girls healthy again! Obviously in this picture the treatment isn't going on-- she isn't a huge fan so I had to take a shot while not in action. Oh the adventures of motherhood!