Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BIG Day at the Walter House!

Today marks a very important day in our little family's history. We are now OFFICIAL home owners, AND Kate rolled all the way over by herself!

We closed on our house today!! YAY! We get to start tearing down wall paper and painting! I'm acutally very excited to rip off wallpaper.....prolly won't be so excited in a few days when I still have days of work ahead of me....but for now yay! It is going to be amazing to have a garage, yard, no one sharing walls with me, color on those walls, and all the other benefits of having a house. (Pictures to come)

Today was Kate's 4 month doctor's checkup. So we got the sad shots (She only cried while they did the shots... as soon as i picked her up she stopped crying! Such a good baby!) She weighed in at 16.8 lbs. She is now back on the charts! She is in the 92nd percentile. Her length was 25.5 inches.....70somthing percentile. So she has slowed down with her growth, but the doctor was happy about it. And now we get to start rice cereal and stage 1 foods! Yay for DAD being able to feed her sometimes! That will be FUN for me! While at the doctor's office, Kate decided she wanted to look at the wall, and rolled herself ALL the way over. I was pretty impressed.

So overall today is a good good day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

4 months old!!

Holy Cow! My little girl is 4 months old today! Here she is in her jumper...she was amazed at all the colors and noises.

And 2 more pictures from today to make it an even 4.

She is so great! Sleeps all night long, laughs all the time, loves her bumbo, plays/eats all her toys, wears 6 month size clothes, watches tv a little, laughs at chance, and loves her mom most (when she is grumpy I'm the only one who can make her happy!) We have a doctor appointment in a few weeks so we will see her stats then! These 4 months have been great! Kate is such a blessing in our lives.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Kate's First Easter
She got to meet the Easter Bunny. She actually really liked him...I thought she would be scared. But we had a hard time getting her to let go when the picture was done.

She got to wear 2 Easter dresses. Dress 1, just too cute. This might be one of my favorite pics yet!
Dress 2 with family shots. We had a hard time getting her to smile at the same time as us... this is as close as we got!
Her SWEET easter pj's. The bunnies on the feet are too fun... she stares at them and tries to put them in her mouth.
Big smile for Easter. She is so fun! Next year we will have fun with the basket and all that.

Kate LOVES Tigger. She tries to eat him, and hugs him. It is also the best tool to get her to smile. I've had the best weekend ever, family, food, fun. Now I have to detox: no more cadbury mini eggs....and I am addicted. It's a good thing they only sell those during easter, or I'd be FAT!

Look Alike!

I have decided that Kate sure is my daughter. While my mom was here she reminded me of the above picture of me at Kate's age. So we put Kate in my dress to compare. I think we look pretty similar! Good for her that she is even more adoriable than me!!

She is just too cute!

Grandparents are GREAT!

So my parents found cheap airplane tickets for spring break and decided to come visit! We were so lucky to have them come! Kate just LOVES her grandparents. She had fun getting all the attention. Here she is with Grandma.
Then chatting with Grandpa. She is starting to LOVE being talked to. And she stands up while you hold her (as you can see from the picture!) She is so strong!

While my parents were here, my Young Women's president gave us free tickets to the South Texas State fair (Thanks so much Gena!). So we had to go check that out! My dad decided that he HAD to taste fried gator..... let's just say the taste combined my hatred for chewy chicken and fish. NASTY! Dad and Jon liked it.
Kate slept for most of her first fair experience. Jon actually didn't drop too much food on her.... just some ice cream to the forhead! He really enjoyed his turkey leg....maybe a little too much!