Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and PRODUCTIVITY

This Thanksgiving was great! Jon was fortunate to have Friday off as well, so we had a nice long weekend. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Beaumont Walters and then had enough leftovers to have them again Saturday evening while watching the BYU game. Thursday night/technically Friday morning Jon and I did our first ever Black Friday shopping trip...not sure we will do it again. But it was a fun experience (Jon would not call if fun....). Then the real Friday morning we went to Hobby Lobby to get a Christmas tree! Finally since we have a house we have room for a decent sized tree. We put up all our Christmas decor. I just love it! Then Saturday morning Jon and Kevin organized the garage and built shelves. They also removed the floor and put down new flooring for our shed. Overall it was a productive weekend! Then Sunday I had to give a talk at church, thankfully that's over! Here is the photo evidence:
Our tree! I just love our ornaments! And we only decorated the top portion to help keep Kate less far so good. Not the same story with the garland though...
Our garlands with ornaments and our doesn't fit on the outside of the door because of the storm this will have to do!
Jon's shelves all along one side of the garage. Now we can store anything we want out there and still park 2 cars!
Jon's new work space in the garage and place to store all his tools
Bring on December. We have something going on every weekend for December....the month is going to FLY by! This weekend I have girls camp, then next weekend is Kate's birthday and our niece's birthday party and ward Christmas party and Brother in law's birthday party, then the weekend after that Kate and I fly to Ohio! Anyone have any suggestions of things to entertain a 1 year old on a 4 hour plane ride?? I'm a little scared to death about the flight! She won't sit in one place at church, let alone a plane ride!
PS- Kate learned how to give kisses today! It is the sweetest! Be ready mom...I'll have her ready to shower you with kisses!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm done nursing Kate. Logically, that means that I needed to buy a nursing cover yesterday. (just go with me! I'm still trying to justify my purchase!) My excuses: baby #2 will need to nurse (eventually...we are NOT expecting another now); The cover was purple and I'm a sucker for purple stuff; the company is called uddercovers...and as my mom will testify, I felt like a human cow the entire time I nursed! So the name is really what got me. I thought, I NEED an uddercover! But my final excuse was the biggest, if you go to the website and type in thanksgiving as the promo code you get the thing for free! I just paid 9.95 for shipping. (I might go buy another for baby shower gift!)

Now.....maybe since I have a cute cover I will actually look like that the next time I nurse. (HAHAH I crack myself up! When have I EVER spent that much time on my hair, other than maybe prom!)

If you want one for yourself go to and like i said the promo code is thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11 months!

Holy Cow! Where did the time go?! My BABY is almost 1! AH! In a way I'm excited cause it is fun to watch her grow, but then again it makes me sad to realize she isn't going to be a baby much longer! Some of the new things she likes to do are: eat lollipops! After Halloween she found an unopened lollipop and stuck it in her mouth the correct way. So I thought as a reward for being a lollipop natural she needed to actually experience one. So we went straight to the bathtub! She has now had 2, and really enjoyed it! The pictures are in order-- first then second lollipop experience! She is too funny with it.She really thinks she is funny. She will shake her head 'no' to ANYTHING you say to her or ask her, then give you this grin that you just have to laugh at. She also loves to taunt Chance. She will hold her snack over the high chair and call for him, wait for him to almost take it from her hand and snatch it away and eat it. Poor dog. lol. Its pretty funny to watch though!

Her hair is getting longer and longer. It is so fun to play with. She has started to shake her head when I put it in a pony tail--- which makes for a frusterated mom, but if it isn't pulled back she cant see. Getting dressed is also usually a wrestling match....she doesn't like to be confined at all. Im getting afraid of our flight home for christmas!

Miss Kate still only has 2 teeth, but looks like she will be getting more very shortly. She still isnt walking on her own, but could if she wasn't afraid.

And in an update from the previous post, I still cant get her to drink formula from a sippy cup, but she will use a bottle and drink a little....but not as much as she should. Ive been giving her more cheese and such to help make sure she gets what she needs. I guess I will just have to fight the no bottle battle later. At least she is getting SOME formula.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This one's for all the moms!

I need help! I am offically done nursing (not by choice, because my body suddenly decided it was done). I'm having a REALLY hard time getting Kate to drink formula or milk! She will take a sip of either and just spit it back out. This has been going on all week. I'm really starting to get worried....the girl needs to drink something other than juice! I know it is a little early to start her on whole milk, but I decided it was worth a try if she would drink it, but luck. I have found that she will drink a little bit more if i put the milk in a bottle....but I'm trying to avoid getting her hooked on a bottle since soon she should be just using sippy cups. So what I'm wondering, am I being too ambitious trying to switch her food and her cup at the same time? She has only had like 3 bottles in her life even switching to a bottle is an adjustment for her. I feel like such a crappy mom.... she cries and tries to get me to nurse her but she can't understand that I physically can't do it anymore. I would LOVE to still be able to just feed her and we would both be happier....but mother nature had other ideas. So....does anyone have ANY pointers or tips that worked for them? my next thing I will try is putting chocolate in her milk when she wakes up. (if she is really related to me that might do the trick!) All day she has only had like 2oz of formula/milk. Man this is stressing me out! So please please please give me any tips you can think of! I'll try just about anything at this point!
If only kids were like dogs....they won't starve themselves! (not to mention that my dog will literally eat anything you throw at him!)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is in part because it falls so close to my birthday, and partly because of the tapes my mom let me listen to as a kid with all the cool halloween songs on them. I still sing "h-a-double l-o-w-double e-n spells Halloween!!!!!!" every time I type the word! I think I've always loved halloween!
Anyway, for our costumes this year I decided we all needed to be pumpkins. I was a pumpkin for my first Halloween, and Jon (Thinks) he was too! So I took that as a sign from the Halloween spirits (hehe) that Kate HAD to be a pumpkin too! And because I'm cheap I decided to make them all! I spent $15 bucks on all 3 costumes! For the ward Trunk or Treat party we stuffed ourselves to look extra round. It was the funniest on Kate! She kinda hated it! But that didnt stop her from getting around the party:
Checking out the row of chairs. I dont know why they were so tempting, but she loved them!
This is how she was crawling. Oh I just laughed the whole time!

Here she is wearing Uncle Scott's hunting hat. She was cracking up, till Brooke came and took the hat! Then she cried. lol. I love the expression on her face here, almost like shes saying "don't even think about it!" to Brooke!

I decided to throw a Halloween party at my house! I loved it so much I think this will be an annual thing! I wish my house was bigger so I could have invited more people. Here is the pinata I made for the kids. It took 2 attempts, but voila!

The next few pics are of the kitchen with the food set up. Jon was worried we wouldn't have enough food, but we had tons of leftovers!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the food! It was good. I even labeled all the items with 'spooky' names.

The kids got to take turns hitting the pinata. It help up for almost all of them! I think we only missed 2 little kids. I was proud of my little pumpkin pinata!

The kids getting the candy.

I really hope everyone else had as much fun as we did, but like I said, I plan to do it again because it was so fun! I even hit a store for their clearance priced Halloween stuff today!