Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sesame Street Live!

 My dear friend Gena and her husband gave us tickets to go see Sesame Street Live when it came to town just a week or so ago. It was a dance themed show--so needless to say my girls were in heaven! And our seats were great! We were only about 10 row from the stage. And as an added bonus, our good friends the Daws family, whose girls are the same ages as ours and great friends, were there too! You can even see them sitting behind us in our Family Selfiie!

 Another friend who was there too gave the girls some glow sticks which were another huge hit! And we got popcorn, that the girls chowed down on during the performance too.
The girls absolutely loved singing and dancing in the isle with their friends! This moment of them all holding hands to dance was adorable to me. Thanks again Gena! You sure know how to spoil us!