Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Party and Fun with the Lund's

 Our favorite family the Lund's hosted us while in UT for the wedding. It was perfect to get to spend time with them again, it felt just like old times! While we were there we had a New Year's party for the kids. That was over before 8pm. It was epic!

 Even Jane played along! And check out Kate's tooth-- it was barely hanging on! She lost 2 teeth in Utah! Good thing Corteiga knew how to contact the tooth fairy!

 Jon was a master bedtime story reader. These girls were perfect the whole time! They called each other BBF's and loved playing with their pen pals!

 Leaving was sad. The girls didn't want to leave their friends.

On our way out of Utah we met up with Allie and she took us to BYU campus. We got to show the girls the only place their mom and dad will be able to afford to send them to college!

We also got to stop in and see the Armstrongs...but somehow I didn't take any pictures!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Touring SLC

 The day after the wedding we went with the Lund's to meet my family at Temple Square from seeing the sights. My girls had a blast! I think we all had fun-- but boy were we cold! We started at the Conference Center. The girls loved seeing where conference happens.

 To end the evening Uncle Morgan took out his camera and took some pictures for us looking at the lights on Temple Square. I love how they turned out!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wedding Reception

After the wedding we hung out at a hotel and grabbed dinner (burgers and fry sauce of course!). Then we loaded up and headed to the reception. It was a pretty place for a reception!  Of course the girl's BBF's came to see Zach and Paige. Morgan was awesome and took pictures for me! I am one lucky niece.

Such a good picture of me and Grandma!!

Sending off the happy couple...go get some Zach!!


 It happened! Zach found an amazing lady and tied the knot! And we couldn't be happier for him! The girls were so excited. It was hard to keep them from mauling Paige and Zach during pictures. It was wonderful to be a part of my best brother's happiness!

 I truly adore this boy! I love every minute of being his sister! So glad to be in the freezing Salt Lake Winter to see him so happy/

 Abby got to Paige before Zach....haha!

I'm so glad their photographer shared the pictures! You can totally tell which ones were cell phone shots and which were professional.