Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ohio one last time

 Right after the reunion we headed back to Ohio for the evening before flying back to Texas. The girls enjoyed one last day playing with Grandma and Grandpa.
 We took the girls to the elementary school to get some wiggles out from riding in the car all day. Of course the girls loved it. Kate gave Zach and Grandpa quite a workout making them chase her all over.

 Then we went to the tether ball pole. It turned into a family tournament! Lots of laughter. I love the pictures that show the serious expressions on our faces!

 I'm ashamed to admit that I lost to my mom! She owned me at tether ball!

 Getting cleaned up after the park and enjoying a Popsicle at Grandmas.

 Then our flight home came the next morning. Kate was lucky to go meet the pilot and even push buttons and pull the lever. We also had some drama finding my car keys. We thought I had left at my Mom's in Ohio, but she didn't find them anywhere. So after getting our luggage in Houston Jon and I took our luggage to a remote corner and started digging deep to find them. While we were elbow deep in suitcases Kate says "Look Mom! I found your keys!" They were in the front pocket of her bag, Right where I put them so I wouldn't lose them! Kate won the award for Most Helpful Kid that day!

Walter Family Reunion June 18-21

 This year Jon asked me if I would be willing to plan a reunion for his family. We were able to make it happen and actually get all of Jon's family together for the first time in years! And it all went rather well if I do say so myself! We used Michael and Viola's time share and got rooms at a resort in Seviereville TN. I love the beautiful mountains of TN.  Susan, Heather, Viola and I went grocery shopping the first night to get all the food we would need, it was a good time! It takes lots of food to feed 34 people.

 On our first full day in the area we called it Nature Day! We went to Cade's Cove to have a picnic and hike. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I wish I still lived in the area. Texas is great but it can't compete with Tennessee. We found a perfect picnic spot to pull off and walk in a little creek and eat our lunch. And the hiking trail was perfect for the little legs we had with us! There are several pictures of everyone in the creek that Jon took while standing by the road looking for a lost Grandma and Grandpa. The only downside to beautiful scenery is no cell service.

 Abby made fast friends with cousin Michael. Anytime he was near by both my girls would flirt with him! He was such a good sport about it. Abby was a cutie on our hike, she ran after the older cousins trying to keep up. At one point she stopped running and threw her head back and gasped for air, then looked forward again and took off looking determined not to be left behind. On the hike we saw a big snake that all the kids loved.

 Here are the cousins who went on the hike. A couple different poses because it is funny
 That evening we rented out a big room at the resort to have family dinner and have a presentation from Grandpa about our family history. He had the kids act out a day in the life of our ancestors. Kate loved it! She was excited about the acting. I tell you the girl is a thespian.  That night Matt and Bruce made us all a beautiful dinner of lasagna.

Here are the kids acting out washing clothes with Grandpa. He also had each family act out an ancestor story. It made for some pretty entertaining skits. 
And our chefs in the kitchen! Those boys spoiled us!
 And the next day we just had free time. Grandpa set up his projector ( it wouldn't be a reunion without at least one slide show!) and showed us a collection of pictures from each kids life. It was fun to see the old pictures! And Kenneth and Jon prove how strong the Walter genetics are, they even watch slide shows in the same pose.

One group decided to go to a NASCAR themed park on Friday. Kate had a blast riding the rides and playing games with Dad. Abby and I stayed at the resort to swim since she was too little to ride any rides. Jon apparently was the only one to make the mallet game ding. I'm so proud of my manly man!

Another perk to the reunion was seeing family we haven't seen for awhile. Heather and I were excited to get to hang out again. We have missed not being close together! She was so sweet--she saved us a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs to share. It was delightful! Here she is holding the last egg from the bag....sad times.

 And like it always does, good things come to an end. We shared a room with Mom and Dad, so we got to easily say bye to everyone before they took off Saturday morning.

More Family Time

 The rest of our Ohio time we spent making memories with our awesome family. We played lots of games and had lots of fun! Kate sporting one of her new outfits (Grandma and Granny took my girls to the mall). And here Granny is wearing a pretty hat while playing games. Jon and Granny always banter back and forth while we play games, so this picture makes me laugh.
 These next pictures are from playing in the back yard with Nathan and Amy and their kids.

 My girls first time playing duck duck goose. Kate was a natural.