Thursday, January 23, 2014

Have I told you lately?

I like to try and come up with something blog worthy at least once a week....and lately that just isn't happening! Our days are spent at the gym and running errands and cleaning, not too exciting. So while thinking of a life update today (while laying on my just cleaned floor) Chance came to cuddle up beside me. Thus he earned himself a blog post, and a selfie with me!
Chance is the best dog ever. I am convinced he is practically perfect in every way. He is my bud. I think he knows more of what I am thinking than my husband sometimes ;) and he certainly listens to me better than my 2 legged kids! We all love our sweet Chance. He is great with the kids. Best investment in childcare I have ever made! Recently he has taken that to a new level, I use him as a reward system for encouraging good behavior! Kate LOVES to take a nap with him at nap time, so for half the day if I mention losing the privilege she corrects her behavior! It's a miracle. So here is my public ode to my dog, who is not only my companion, friend and playmate, he is helping me raise my girls the best I can! Thanks buddy, I don't know what I would do without you (except for vaccum more, since you clean up after the kids like a pro!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Man is 30!!

Terribly blurry picture, but sadly the last picture I have from Jon's 20's. Our friend shares a birthday weekend with Jon, so we had 2 nights of partying! Friday night (his last day in his 20's) we went to a David Bowie party, and Jon did several songs for karaoke. He said goodbye to his 20's with flair!!
Then Sat (his actual day) we met up with a group of friends for bowling and laser tag. So much fun! We realized that I am the only girl Jon kissed in his 20's! (Which is good since we started dating when he was 21 then got married.....) I'm excited to be the only girl he will kiss in his 30's too!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Years

Michael and Viola were able to swing by our house for two days for New Years. We stayed up will 12 playing uno, and sadly this is the only picture we ended up with! It was great to have them visit as always.

Hanging with Uncle Zach

 Grandma left a few days after Christmas. We were sad because Grandma and Grandpa are the coolest, but we were lucky to have Uncle Zach for another week. He is one stellar Uncle. My job as Mom was cake with him around! Every morning I woke up to him already feeding them breakfast! Seriously ladies this guy is a catch!

 Single and vacuuming while holding a baby?! Too much awesome in one guy!

Zach was telling the girls a princess story. It cracked me up how mesmerized they were!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Making Cookies with Grandma

 Making sugar cookies with Grandma was a big hit. Kate had a blast eating all the dough she could get her hands on!
 This is what Abby thought of decorating....
 And this picture for future blackmail on Kate
 Cute girls with Grandma!

Sampling her finished product. They were loaded with sprinkles.


 For Christmas Aunt Valerie sent the girls a tool box full of craft supplies. Kate was in Heaven! She immediately said "WOW! I have a tool box like Daddy for my projects!" Then she convinced Grandpa to come make projects with her.

 I love their serious faces.

Then with the leftover canvases from her birthday Kate and Grandma painted pictures another day. Kate sure loves anything crafty.


 Christmas morning Kate crawled into bed with Grandma before they came to wake Jon and I up.
 The tree. The girls got spoiled (this age all the things they want are so cheap it's hard to stop buying gifts!)
 Their huge stuffed animals....the girls love them!
 Abby dug right in and opened her gifts this year.
 Selfie with Grandma
 Kate LOVES her new baby. She takes such good care of it.
 Eating animal cookies with Grandpa.
And proof that I was in the room (I was the one taking pictures until I fell back asleep for a morning nap. I doubt I will ever be a morning person.)

Sunday, January 5, 2014


After the aquarium we walked through the light display. It was a perfect night for it--chilly without being too cold. Kate thought it was freezing and insisted on walking around with her blanket around her shoulders and her seal zipped into her coat. Silly girl.

 Zach and the girls with his old friend sponge bob!
 Grandma and Abby
 Kate and Grandpa with a Kola
 Southeast Texas Family!
Abby and her penguin with their favorite boy toy.

Galveston Aquarium

 We got to the aquarium and found the place wasn't busy, so we had a great time looking at all the cool animals. Both girls had a blast running around exploring.

 This pool is where you can touch starfish. Kate was scared at first, but after a few attempts finally reached in!

 In the shark cage with Grandma.