Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amazing Friends

Have you ever just had a crappy day where no matter what you try to do you cant stop tearing up at everything and being emotional? Today has been one of those days for me. Not only is my throat swollen and my voice gone, but I woke up to a sick husband. He has a stomach flu. Since I've been throwing up the last 24 weeks of my life I totally understand, but at the same time it makes me grumpy that when he is sick he gets to sleep it off and do nothing; but the last 24 weeks he left me home alone with Kate to take care of (not that that means he is a bad person by ANY means its just the injustice of the situation!). So I got ready for church and took Kate with me as always. She was extra hyper today, so it made my job harder than usual. Then top that off with getting news at church that made me really emotional (I may have sat in the bathroom and cried for a bit....I blame the pregnancy!). I then of course come back home to a sick husband who needs me to take care of him. So my Sunday was spent taking care of my family all while feeling alone and emotionally strained. Then I get a random phone call from one of my dear friends. She says she knew I could use a laugh and was emailing me a video she made that would make me happy. Then she also listened to my woes as always and helped my burden feel lighter. So now I am sitting here crying again (I HATE HORMONES!) counting my blessings for all the amazing friends and family I have in my life. Whether it is a phone call or text or invite or comment, somehow the amazing people in my life always make my way lighter. I feel so unworthy to be blessed by so many simply amazing people. Even though I'm not going through any huge crisis I have friends who care enough about me to know when I need a good laugh. So I guess this is me publicly thanking all of my friends for the small things you do all the time to amaze me. You all make my life the amazing journey it is.

Fishing with Daddy

 Saturday I was off chaperoning a youth activity for our church, so Jon decided it was time to take his daughter on her first official fishing trip. He even took her to buy her own fishing pole first. He said that she seemed to really have fun until they caught a fish. His text to me telling me how the trip was going said "She is your daughter. Afraid of the dang fish" I have to admit, that made me laugh out loud literally! I'm sure she will warm up to it as time goes on. Maybe she will eventually take the fish I catch off the hook for me! I'm glad I have a husband who tries hard to make special memories with his daughter.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Round II and an Excuse for Vacation!

Last week we had the chance to go home to Ohio. One of my friends was getting married, and Jon was actually able to take the week of! It was a great excuse for a family vacation that didn't have the pressure of the holidays. Now that doesn't mean we didn't find ways to celebrate. My Grandma spoiled me with a second Easter. She knows how much I LOVE her cooking, so she made an Easter feast on Sunday, and had an egg hunt for Kate. We are so spoiled!
 Kate and her Great Grandma. Or Granny as she calls her.
 Kate enjoyed all the attention from my family. Here she is running outside in her new skirt having Grandpa and Zach throw her in the air.
  Running around outside Kate still takes a time out to request looking at pictures on Grandpa's Cell phone.  That girl is mildly obsessed with pictures!
 4 Generations on the front porch.....we know it isn't pretty...but the point is we were all there and we are awesome!
 And her egg hunt! She wanted the candy out but had a hard time opening the eggs. She quickly discovered that she could break them open by throwing them on the floor.
 And for whatever reason this net was the preferred way to gather eggs. She is such a silly girl and comes up with the funniest ideas on her own.
  All the partying didn't leave lots of time for sleeping. Kate missed her nap multiple times while we were on vacation. But she still was a sweetheart and had a blast....until our last day when we told her we were going home. Poor girl didn't want to leave Grandma and Grandpa! But who can blame her-- they are the coolest!
 Ohh Uncle Zach. Kate just loves flirting with him! She gave him TONS of big kisses. She plants big ones right on the lips and holds it there for long stretches of time. SO fun to watch her do to Zach since it makes him uncomfortable. She would hold him captive all day if she could.
 While in Ohio Kate had her first experience with high heels. She was snooping in Grandma's room and found some dress shoes that Grandma was saving for Christmas. She came running out and said--"Grandma! Pretty Shoes!!!" It is funny to note that it took her quite a few tries to stand up in them. Funny girl. But she is becoming quite the shoe fanatic.
 And the best excuse to have vacation.....Kacie and Randy's wedding! Somehow I didn't end up with a bride and groom picture, but here is Kate and Grandma enjoying the good food at the reception. I was asked to read a poem in the wedding ceremony, and it was great to be there for the big day! I just love Kacie so much!
 I did get a picture right before Kacie and Randy dug into their ribs at the rehearsal dinner. I love a couple that isn't afraid to get messy--especially for good food! Thanks for the great wedding, and I'm so happy for you!
Ahh, being home from vacation is always such a sweet sorrow. You are forced to sit around and cherish the good time you had while you do laundry and get back into the daily routine. I sure love all my friends and family and am so blessed to have them in my life. Sometimes I sit back and marvel at all the amazing people I am fortunate to have by my side! I am one lucky lady! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Best $2.50 I've Spent!

In Kate's Easter basket I put these cheap popper things I found for $2.50. Kate LOVED them! She spent an hour straight popping the ball to dad and then running to get the ball when he hit it to her. So much Kate laughter....and it made her perfectly tired for bed!

They found it was very funny to pass the ball this way.
But not as funny as popping our self in the nose!

And jumping on dad like a trampoline while playing with the popper was a favorite. She laughed so hard when she made him make noises from jumping on his chest. Too fun to watch them run around enjoying themselves.

Easter Weekend

Here at the Walter House we made Easter a weekend party! On Friday Kate and I got to hang out with our friend Nikki. Above is Kate all dressed up for our lunch date. Can you tell the outfit makes her sassy. Then Friday night Jon and I were able to attend the temple. Then Saturday afternoon we went to a pool party with our cousins down here. Kate had a blast! She is tall enough this summer to really enjoy running around the pool.
Then came Easter morning. Kate was excited to see her new movie, UP. But she is not a fan of our camera--she thinks it is going to flash every time, so she always makes a nervous face. But you get the idea. She loved her dress. When Dad was getting her dressed she started saying, "yay yellow!" We are pretty sure Yellow is her favorite color.
Then after naps on Sunday we went back to a cousin party at Scott and Susan's house for Easter Egg hunt and Easter dinner. Kate was excited to find the eggs, and would ohhhh and ahh when she found them. Then would clap for herself once the egg was placed in the basket.
Another shot showing her disapproval of the camera. Silly kid! One day I will get cute pictures of her!
After grabbing 8 eggs, Kate decided she was done and wanted to swing with her basket. No need to be greedy I guess.