Thursday, July 28, 2011

The View from where I sit:

This post is brought to you by my cell phone, capturing the normal, everyday view of my life. First you see the view from my throne. You know-the place where everyone should be alone. But if you are a mom-you might as well get over it. Note the mixer brought all the way from the kitchen. Mom thought Kate was busy enough in the kitchen cabinets to not notice her slip away to the bathroom. Mom is funny.

This picture is probably my favorite I'm posting. This is my view of Kate at our ward Pioneer Day celebration. She did NOT want her chicken broken up for her, she wanted the whole drumstick to herself! I don't know why she looks quite so angry...but it is fierce!Kate has recently decided that she is big enough to climb into her toy box. She also seems to have a bright future as a plumber.Then we have the sticky baby picture. I went to return our cable box (we are ditching cable to save some extra dough....but that is an entirely different post! How sad is it that I don't know what to do with myself without tv!) and the lady at the desk gave Kate a sucker. And since she is old enough to know what it is I couldn't take it away without a huge fight, so I caved and let her eat it in the car. This is the view from the drivers seat.This last picture doesn't exactly fit the "from where I sit" theme, but it is from where I stand at least 2 times a day. This is my view from the stove. Kate has learned how to get to the kitchen counters. The dog food is supposed to be on the counter to prevent Kate from eating it, but now where can it go?! My strange child seems to love the darn dog food!

Other than that our life around here has been pretty low key lately. We finally got an EEG done! I learned that my daughter should never get involved in drugs-- she turns crazy when 'under the influence'. But eventually the drugs knocked her out and we were able to do the EEG. We are still waiting on the results. Other than that we are getting excited for our vacation to Ohio next week!

I hope everyone else out there is enjoying the view from where they sit!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Posting AGAIN Today

Yes, yes. I realize I have posted like 30 times already today, but Kate is STILL sleeping, and when you are a Mom you learn that when you have free time you HAVE to use it. SO I am blowing up the blog world with my catching up posts! Just remember that you love me and read my posts anyway.

So first we have a picture of Kate covered in Spaghetti. She loves getting covered in her meal...the messier the better in her opinion. If the meal doesn't require an immediate bath it wasn't that great.

My mom had a great idea a while ago to make a tent in our living room. Kate had a BLAST running in and out of it....a few times she ran so fast that she ran right into walls. No big enough injuries to keep her out of the tent though! I love that being a mom you realize that the simple things really are the best things.

After swimming in the yard a few days ago I found my daughter chomping on this carrot while I was cooking dinner. She looked just like bugs bunny to me-- I thought it was so funny. She carried that carrot around chewing away until dinner.

More 4th

The day after Kate's seizure (the 4th) Kate was acting perfectly normal. The ER doctor told us to just watch her for another seizure, but basically he couldn't find anything wrong with her. No fever, no nothing. So we decided to carry on with our plans for a family-fun-filled Independence day. We of course watched Kate closely to make sure we weren't over-stressing her, but she had a blast and showed no signs of stopping. We went to Scott and Susan's house to have breakfast, dinner, and fun in the sun. We had a slip-n-slide and a pool for the kids. It was a hit! As you can see-- the men also had fun in the pool! Kate liked to crawl through the slip-n-slide with her mouth open...not sure she understood the concept, but she made her own fun!

Overall it was a fun weekend. We were sad to see Jon's parents go, but hopefully they will find an excuse to come visit again soon!

Happy 4th of July!

For the holiday weekend I decided Kate needed a patriotic skirt for church. Although she only got to wear her skirt for an hour, I think it was cute. It is just 2 bandannas I sewed together.

Grandma and Grandpa Walter

Kate's grandparents on the Walter side were able to come to TX for a visit during the holiday weekend. Aside from Kate's seizure (that traumatized my mother-in-law...she was the first person to realize what was happening to Kate in nursery and came running into the hallway holding her) the trip was fun! We went bowling one afternoon and got to have them over for dinner.

Here are some shots of the bowling fun!
Kate LOVES her aunt Susan. Whenever we visit she insists that Susan hold her.Daddy is so funny...he always makes Kate laugh.
Kate and Grandma Walter...not exactly looking at the camera, but happy nonetheless!

Kate getting some time on Grandpa Walter's lap.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

So I thought I explained to Kate that 1 Seizure was all I could handle in this life, but apparently she didn't listen. Today Kate decided to cause quite the scene at church by having a seizure during nursery. A few of my young women came running to tell me that Kate was having a seizure, and I actually asked them if they were joking. But sadly they were not kidding. I got to witness my kid have a seizure again....and I will say that on the positive side, the second time around I didn't panic quite as bad. It might also help that I was in a hallway full of people, and got to get Kate a blessing while she was having the seizure. So long story short--the ambulance and fire EMS decided that we needed to head to the ER, because she didn't have a fever. Her last seizure she didn't have one either-- but the doctor decided that her temp had bottomed out instead of spiked. And then no fever again today had all of us worried that her seizures aren't just related to fevers. So being in an ambulance is not a fun experience. But 4 or so hours later the cat scan, blood work, and vitals all indicated that Kate was normal. Yay-- no answers. So we have to do a follow up appointment with our pediatrician on Tuesday to get an eeg. Hopefully that will at least give me some answers. Please keep Kate in your prayers, hopefully we will find out what is happening soon and this excitement can be over once and for all!

Stress makes Daddy and baby sleepy! OH PS: Kate didn't cry when they did blood work at the hospital. The nurse said it was her first kid not to cry. They wrapped her up in the sheet to hold her still, but Kate just looked at them and watched them do it without trying to move or cry. She is such a trooper! The IV attempt in the ambulance was a different story however....she cried so hard I had to get on the bed and lay down like I was a patient.