Monday, February 27, 2012

Pregnancy blues

I've been avoiding writing this post for awhile now. At first I couldn't write it because it was too early to tell everyone I was pregnant. And now, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I have to get this out, even if it is just for my own therapy. Being pregnant stinks! I hate everything about it, except for the end result! So far this pregnancy has been slightly different than the last, but not much. I've been very sick, which in turn helped me to drop 14 pounds in a week and a half (the only other good thing I can think of about being pregnant!!). My food cravings are very different however. With Kate, the ONLY food I never threw up was cheeseburgers. That is def not the case this time around! And last time I couldn't ever drink milk or eat cereal, and this time cereal is usually fine. Thankfully my doctor gave me serious drugs that have helped me stop getting sick all the time, but they aren't a guaranteed fix. I sadly still get sick while taking the max dosage. And please don't just drop by my house unexpected.....cause it is BAD! I'm having a good day when I have the energy to do a load of laundry or wash a few dishes. But that is about all I can handle. Its pretty pathetic. I think that is what I hate most about the pregnant gig--feeling so pathetic all the time! It seems like no matter what I eat, how much I sleep, how many drugs I take, I still just can't function! I still have a sliver of hope that my sickness will ease up soon, since I recently entered my second trimester. I didn't get that lucky last time, but there is always hope right?

At least last time around I didn't have a reason I had to get out of bed, and I could just lie around all day trying not to die...but sadly poor Kate has to deal with a bump on a log mom for a few more months. She hasn't really seemed to notice, so I guess that is good. If I get off the couch much she actually usually tries to make me sit back down. She has started serious potty training almost on her own. She will tell me when she needs to go, and usually has a dry pull up most of the day. She even wears real panties some days and keeps them dry too! It is def not something I enjoy, especially with my pregnant nose and gag reflex, but I keep the end goal in sight and suck it up. I am glad she is basically showing me how she wants to handle the potty training thing, instead of it being a huge battle.

I actually think that she kinda likes me being sick, because she gets most all of my attention while I sit around. I do LOTS of book reading, singing and watching movies. She is great at bringing the toys to me that she wants to play with and just letting me sit, except for when she has to potty. She is pretty creative with her playing, she likes to play pretend and be goofy.

For example, she wore these for the better part of a day and used the wand that goes with it to dance around and sing. It was pretty entertaining.

On a positive note, I will find out in about a month what we are having. My gut says girl, cause I feel so crappy...but fingers are crossed for a boy! Once we know what it is, we can start the fun part of decorating and making room for a new family member. Hopefully I will be over getting sick by then so I can have energy to go crazy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

2 weekends ago my dear friend babysat Kate, and decided to do a valentine theme photo shoot. Here are just a few shots to give you an idea. I think she is pretty cute- but I know I'm biased!

So hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! I got my gift (new cell phone) last night and am enjoying playing with it today! I have to bust my butt and finish Jon's gift before he gets home from work! Nothing like last minute gift making.