Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cute Dress

 Isn't she the cutest ever? I think so. And this dress just was the icing on the cake! TOO CUTE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Abs 6 months

 It's exhausting to be this cute! I just love how peaceful babies look when they sleep! Today our little girl is 6 months old! Half a year, seems crazy to think I have been a mom of 2 for 6 months. This girl is so sweet! She has the best big eyes. And her eyelashes, ah! Her curly locks and scrunchy faced smile. She just melts hearts anywhere she goes. This girl rolls ALL over the house.
 She LOVES having things in her hands, and seems to really know how to use her hands now. She is stingy with her laughs, but not her smiles. In the morning she doesn't cry or fuss when she wakes up, but waits patiently for me to come get her out of bed. When she seems me she smiles and starts kicking her legs in a happy dance. She is wearing 6-9 month cloths...so she is slightly smaller than Kate at this age, but not much! She is such a huge blessing in our family.

 Just for fun, we went to Kenneth's house this weekend for a family dinner. Uncle Kenneth decided he wanted to give Abs a mowhawk. He got his hair gel and went to work....but soon discovered that her curls are too tight to stand up! They would spring right back down as soon as he let go. So much fun to have family that cares for us and helps us create memories.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

 Nikki started a tradition last year when she took Valentine themed pictures with Kate. I decided I want to do that every year with my kids so I can see how they change through the years at the same fun holiday. As always Nikki took great care of us, but the girls didn't play along very long. It didn't take long for Abs to be grumpy enough for us to quit. But I still think we got plenty of cute ones!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Return to Nature

 Today has been rainy. So Kate didn't get her usual time running around outside. This afternoon when I was on the phone I heard her let herself outside. I decided to allow it since it was warm and not lightening. This is what I then found. She came inside becaise her clothes were wet and she couldn't wear them anymore. So she ended up experienceing a rainstorm in her birthday suit.

 This picture just kills me....it looks like she is offering her baby to the gods or something. I'm raising quite the little heathen!!

So funny. This girl is so full of life. I just love her. And her sister won't be far behind. Abs watches her like she is taking notes. I am one blessed Mom.

The Every Day

 Things around here have been pretty much stagnate lately. Wake up, eat, play, maybe go to a store, eat lunch, naps, snack, play, dinner, bed. I'm kinda in a my-husband-is-still-gone-and-im-bored trance. But I'm working harder to find joy in the every day! One of my biggest joys this week was finding out that Josh Groban had a new CD out. I was no joke looking at the Target add during nap time and saw the CD release date was that day. As soon as the girls were up we were in the car on our way to pick it up! Oh how I love that man's voice....always have always will!

I also borrowed the Anne of Green Gables movies. I am telling myself I CAN'T re read them already...so I'm watching it instead. It made me want to braid Kate's hair like little Anne. I don't know why but seeing her like that made me feel giddy and hopeful to see her grow up. I hope she is as imaginative and stubborn as Anne!
And Abby. That girl is growing faster and faster. She is really gaining control of her body. She will intentionally grab EVERYTHING! It catches me off guard sometimes. I forgot how fast they grow and develop. She loves her bouncer and will hang out in there for pretty good amounts of time (which is life saving these days!)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Party Animals

 So what do you do on a Friday night when you are alone with two little girls, it's only 6 o'clock and you have already eaten dinner?? I had that dilemma tonight! Something about being a stay-at-home mom really turns you into a party animal, and nothing makes you realize that more than the weekend!  I reached into my logged away ideas to entertain kids (most from pinterest..) and recalled shaving cream painting in the shower. I mixed up a few colors and our artistic evening commenced. Kate was super into it! When talking to my parents and Jon afterword that is all she would say she did today. I guess it was quite successful!
In other news I think we found a way to help Kate with her fear of bedtime. It is a Dream Lite (you know as seen on TV!) It's a unicorn, or ooonicorn if it is Kate pronouncing it. When she prays at bedtime now she thanks Heavenly Father that Mommy and Daddy got her ooonicorn that helps her not be scared.
And that is all-- I will go now and start my Friday night adventure....aka reading on my kindle till I fall asleep.