Monday, June 25, 2012

First Time at the Movies

 Susan called and asked me if I was brave enough to attempt to take Kate to see the movie Brave on Saturday. I decided that why not?! But I of course brought Jon with me for the extra help! Kate did really pretty good considering her age. She ate popcorn, 2 packs of fruit snacks, some candy, went to the bathroom 3 times, sat in her chair, sat in Susan's lap, sat on my lap, and then dad's lap too! She was constantly moving around, but at least she stayed in our area and wasn't a terror. She would always tell me when she cycled back to my lap that it was loud. I'm not sure if that means she wasn't that into the experience or not....but she seemed to enjoy everything but that. The movie was a little on the scary side for a Disney, so I know that made her nervous a few times. Sadly this was the best picture I could get--Kate really didn't sit still well! She was looking at me when I started the picture but by the time it took she was distracted again. Goofy girl!
And one more unrelated picture. Kate has found a new favorite game to play with Chance. She takes one or two of his tennis balls and puts them in her shirt like boobs then runs around laughing while chance chases her. The first time she did it she had 2 and it was hilarious to watch the little boobs bouncing about the living room as she grabbed at them to hold them in place. Oh the things kids come up with!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day around here was a pretty quiet affair. I actually gave Jon his gifts earlier in the week, because I was unsure if I bought the right thing. He told me he wanted a pair of waders for his upcoming fishing trip with his brothers, and there were so many styles to choose from I just took a wild guess! He apparently liked them tho.
Kate was given this little mushroom to give to her Dad at nursery. It made me crack up, because my Dad and I love that corny joke! Kate and I are both blessed with great men in our lives. My Dad has always been such a great example to me. And Jon is a great Dad also! Yay for Fathers and Yay for a day to celebrate them!

Friday, June 15, 2012


 Kate is going through a phase lately where she only wants me to put her in bed. Since that is not ok with me, we still make Jon have a turn or two during the week. Usually when he initially takes her to bed she cries my name for a bit. Jon had an idea to take her mind off the pain of being stuck with dad; when she is crying my name he sings some bohemian rhapsode to her....but just the part when he sings "Mamaaaa OoooOOOOOOoooo"really loud. Kate apparently thinks its cool, or at the least distracting cause usually she ends up singing along while they finish brushing her teeth. It is pretty funny to listen to. But yesterday it must have gotten stuck in her head, cause an entire car ride I got to be serenaded by "MaMAa OoooOOOOooo" over and over again. Good times.
In other news, my life is over. Yesterday, as I was getting ready for a dinner date, I watched on as Kate got a butter knife and tried to unlock the bathroom door (I generally keep it locked during the day so that Kate can't get inside without me and make a huge mess as she is known to do. So I lock it on my way out and pull the door closed.). Inside my head I was laughing at her thinking, good luck little girl.....but she apparently doesn't need luck at all. She just used her up most concentration and in under 5 minutes unlocked the door for the first time shouting "I DID IT!!" as she ran into the bathroom. Then she proceeded to lock and unlock the door again 3 more times in nothing flat. Now what do I do!? her hair not the prettiest thing you have ever seen?! Even Jon last night while looking at these pictures said "she sure has the best hair ever." Coming from Jon, that is a huge compliment ;) And yes she dressed is far too hot for that kind of outfit, but Kate didn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Kate had her first swimming lesson yesterday! She really loved it! She started off a little shy (which is SO not like her, I was confused!) but after 5 minutes warmed up to her normal self. A boy in our ward who is a rocking swimmer teaches lessons in his backyard pool as a summer job. He is great with kids! Kate I believe has already developed quite the crush. She has been talking about him and his house ever since we left. She keeps saying, "See you tomorrow!". It is really fun to watch her little mind work out the new skills he is teaching her. Not to brag, but I think she is a natural! She throws caution to the wind and tries to impress her teacher. I'm already nervous about how she will handle the news that swimming lessons are over next week! But untill then we will enjoy going swimming every day!

Weekend Adventures

 This weekend Jon's sister Melissa graduated with her Masters Degree up in Ft Worth. So we decided to make a quick trip up to support her. We took along Jon's brother Kenneth. It was a very successful trip--Kate was an all-star in the car! And was happy the whole trip despite being overly tired. We got to spend some fun time with family, so that always makes for a great weekend! Here are the only pictures I took--of course none of them were of the grad, that would have made too much sense! Kate with Grandma and Grandpa Walter walking into the building where graduation was.
And after the graduation we went to dinner at a Cajun place (Boo Rays I think was the name). I must admit that when his sister told us where we were going Jon looked at me and laughed. We both assumed I would hate the food--fish and shrimp are nasty to me. But to my delight it was super good! I mean they fry everything, so it was delish! Even everyone else's fish didn't bother me cause it was fried! Anyway here is a picture of Kate willingly eating some fried alligator. She liked it ok, but not as much as she loved the battered french fries!