Monday, June 20, 2011

Movin' on UP!

I feel I need to brag. Jon and I have reached a HUGE milestone in our lives. Our love is going to reach to new HEIGHTS. My dreams will forever be altered. I can feel the difference already in my life. I can barely put my feet on the ground. I am so high, I almost feel prideful! That's right friends, for the first time in 5 years of marriage, our bed isn't on the ground or comically high like our newly-wed apartment. We GOT A BED FRAME! I seriously feel so weird climbing into me bed...I see things in a different light. I feel like I am defying gravity in some small way. I, Sarah Walter, no longer am confined to the ground...I am like 6 inches higher when I sleep!
Yes, you should be jealous! Our bed can finally wear a skirt!

Happy Father's Day/Suprise Week!

Happy Father's Day! Here in our corner of the world we had a great time celebrating Dad's! We went on a movie/dinner date with Scott and Susan, and had a fancy dinner on Sunday with friends. It was a great time! We are so blessed to have great fathers all around us, and Kate and I are lucky to have such a great Dad who lives with us! Thanks for being amazing Jon, we love you!

Poor Chance, Kate has been treating him like a teddy bear lately...he is not a huge fan, but he is a good sport!

In other matters of recent happenings around here, Kate and I have had a busy week full of fun and surprises! We started the week off with surprising Heather (my sister-in-law) with her sister. Her sister flew in to visit without telling, and Kate and I got to be the deliver-ers (for lack of a better term). It was fun to be a part of that. Then we got a package from my mom and grandma for Kate, with cute outfits! Kate enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with the package!

Also, my friend from good ol' Adams branch got to come by for a quick visit this week. Her family was 'in the neighborhood' and decided to swing by. It was so fun to see her and her kids. Kate just wanted her to hold her. Thanks for coming Mandy!
And finally my dear friend Nikki had a birthday this week, and we successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party! It was great! We hid our cars and everything. There was a cute cake created by Meghan, and a banner and balloons. I think Nikki loved it! Here is a shot of us girls at the party! We love you Nikki, thanks for having a birthday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old dogs and New tricks

This week we are dog sitting for a sweet old dog, Sadie. She is a sharp contrast to our young Chance! Sadie is DEAF! I seem to always be trying to get her It actually is amusing to me to see just how alike old people and old dogs are! Kate LOVES having her around. At meal times both dogs stand next to her high chair, and Kate just looks at me and smiles so big. She loves being the center of attention! She has also decided that Sadie makes a better snuggling buddy...Chance doesn't stay in one place long enough for her to use as a pillow. I think Chance just always tries to get her to play. I just love how in the picture Chance looks like he is saying "hey kid what about me?! I'm your dog!"

Kate has been busy learning all kinds of new things! This week she has learned what a fish says (she opens and closes her lips like a fish) and also she will make a fish face (by puckering her lips and making kissing noises). It is the cutest thing on her little face, but I haven't been able to get a picture. I am trying to do better at being a mom....I feel like I don't give Kate enough learning time....but I'm working on it! Our adventure we started today was the no-really-means-no-and-mom-means-business. I can't say I'm of fan of this part of parenting! I think Kate is just toying with me, she KNOWS not to do things but will try and do them when I am distracted (ie today our battle was not climbing on the kitchen table, so as soon as I started doing dishes she LITERALLY ran to the table and started to climb up. I stopped and got her down, then she left it alone until I started the vacuum! HELP! She is too smart for me!)

On a totally unrelated note: Why do people always come to your house when you aren't dressed? Like the one morning I don't feel like putting on clothes (yesterday) there was a random person in my back yard. Talk about creepy. I hope they learned their lesson and never try to break in again (or whatever the heck they were doing in my back yard which is fenced in with a privacy fence!!!) There is more where that came from backyard-stalker!