Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scariest day of my life

Yesterday will go down in history (my personal history that is) as the scariest day of my life. It started just fine. Kate had what we thought was just a stomach flu. First thing in the morning she had dirreha not fun but I can't complain now. She also threw up a few times. I started to think I should take her to the doctor just to be sure she was ok. After her afternoon nap things got interesting. She seemed happy enough, a little groggy maybe, but good. We ate a snack and then I decided I was going to go vaccume my bathroom. I sat Kate down about 3 steps away from the bathroom door with a toy so she would be happy. I started to get the vaccume ready. I glanced at her before I started and saw her on lying on her side. I thought she had just fallen over. It happens alot in our house. What made me look again was Chance. He was looking at her confused. So I took a step toward her to see if maybe she was playing with his toys or something. To my horror, she was frozen, that's the best I can describe it. Her eyes were locked and she wasn't breathing or moving. I immediately thought she must be chocking so I flipped her into my arms and started the heimlich, but nothing happened. So I checked her mouth and started again. By this time I was shouting a prayer to Heavenly Father that she would snap out of it and that I would know what to do. She still wasn't responding to the heimlich, so I decided my initial response must be wrong. I started to put her on her back to do CPR or something and she passed out in my arms. I have never felt so cold and scared. Her poor little body was limp and blue and I was the only person there who could do anything. I just about lost my mind. I knew I had to call 911. I started having an out of body experience. Sounds totally cheesy, but that's the best I can explain it. I scanned the room for my cell phone. Seriously, I remember thinking, I have it in my pocket 90% of the time and now when it could be life or death I don't know where I had it last. Thankfully Heavenly Father knew I was too insane to think about where I had left my phone, because He inspired my Sister in law to call me. I heard it in the living room and sprinted to the noise. I answered her call and started telling her in a not so in control way that Kate was unconsious and that I didn't know what I needed to do. She told me to calm down and that she would call 911 for me, and that she would call Jon. As soon as we hung up I called 911 anyway, I couldnt just wait in silence. I laid Kate on the floor and started to do chest compressions while I waited. I remembered my Advanced First Aid teacher in college being obsessed with us learning to talk to the victim before we started CPR. So in my ultra-calm-poised-CPRtrained way I started yelling at Kate. I kept telling her that she had to wake up, that she couldn't do this to me....and any other motherly threats that I don't remember. I continued talking to her as I started compressions. (all the while I was on the phone with the ambulance dispatcher. So picture me answering questions while still talking to me kid...I'm sure I sounded like a mad-woman. But let's face it-I was!) I only did a few compressions before she opened her eyes. Then she shut them and I got mad. lol--totally irrational but that's what happened! I yelled her name again and she opened her eyes and started crying. The ambulance dispatcher asked me if that was my baby crying, and when I said yes he told me that was a good sign. I then started to focus my efforts on keeping her awake. I got off the phone with 911 and started walking around the house with Kate. I was so frazzled but trying to think of things to keep her awake. That is when I realized that I didn't have a bra on. lol. TMI I know, but I hurried with Kate back to my room and threw one on before the ambulance got there. (by then Kate was alert so don't think I was being irrisponsible....I just didn't want to scare the paramedics!) So the ambulance pulls up, they check her out. No fever, no signs of anything wrong. They told me it was my choice what I wanted to do. I decided to just call the peditrician and get her in there. Luckily the doctor was able to get her in an hour later. At the doctor we found out that Kate has Rotavirus. One of the symptoms can be seziures when the baby's body temperature changes too quickly. But other than that, the symptoms are the same as any old flu. Sadly there is no cure, just like the flu. So we are supposed to give her motrin and tylenol around the clock to make sure she doesn't have another seziure and pump her with fluids. The doctor also told us to moniter her while she sleeps just in case. Yay. So last night was one of the worst nights sleeps I've ever had, but no more scares. Kate seems to be acting much better today. She is grumpy as ever though, I think because she had me up till 4 am and was up at 7am.

I am so grateful that this horid day didn't turn out any worse. I seriously thought I had lost her for about a minute. I don't know if I will ever fully recover from that scare. I told Jon last night, this made me not want any more kids. If they are going to scare me that bad I can't handle it! Heavenly Father was there with me. I owe Him everything.

I just want to thank everyone who has shown us their support. I recieved so many phone calls and texts and messages that it will take me a long time to respond to all of them! All the prayers on our behalf have been felt. I can't even type this without crying, but I am truly blessed. My daughter is apparently fine (we are still praying that is a totally true statement but after her priesthood blessing I felt comforted), and I have so many amazing people in my life that have been praying for her. Thanks again for everything.

Here's hoping something like this never happens again!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Old man and Little girl

This week has been a birthday week at the Walter house. I love birthdays! This week Jon turned OLD! He's 27! Can you believe how close to 30 we are getting?! I can't! For Jon's birthday he got a new calling in church (Elders Quorm President *Yikes!*) so he wanted some new suits for his birthday present. So one Saturday later he is the proud owner of 4 suits! (well he will be the owner when they are done being tailored......but someday soon I will have pictures to share of my sharp dressed man!) For his birthday party we just had family and friends over for pizza and cake. The gifts all went with his suit--new dress shoes, new belt and ties, dress socks, and dress shirts! Basically my man will be the hottest guy at church (not that I didn't already think that! I just mean the clothes!)

Blowin' out his candles. You know the Jeff Foxworthy jokes "you know your a redneck when..." Well I've started my own "You know your old when..." So one of those is, when the package of birthday candles doesn't contain enough for you! So Jon and I are both old now! (for those of you unaware....most packages have 24)

Kate crawling on the table to help Dad. It is so cute she calls him Dad now. She is getting so old too! Thanks to everyone for helping make Jon's birthday such a fun time! We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family.

The second 'birthday' we had was Kate's 13 month day. I can't believe she is officially 1, let alone on her way to being 2! So here are some quick milestones our little cutie has passed lately:
She walks everywhere. It is to the point that she doesnt like to sit on anyone's lap for long cause she wants to run free!
She speaks her own language. Her favorite thing to do is walk around the house with her toys and say "loyosyoquioqudoiqqi" while nodding her head up and down. She tells quite the story....too bad I have no idea what she is trying to say. I need to capture it on video sometime...its really funny!
She also LOVES to dance. Anytime music comes on at all she dances. Commercials, toys that play music, someone singing, the organ at church, you get the point.
She also will show you her muscles. It is too funny. She grits her teeth and holds her arms out in front of her. Fun fun!
And lastly, she blows kisses! Too cute! She loves to give people kisses and blow them to anyone who asks. Here is a picture of her blowing kisses.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Rewind

So I know its officially January now, but I'm just now home and trying to get back into the swing of 'real life' and updating my blog is now one of the things on my to do list. I should probably be doing something else on that list, but this is the most enjoyable. Who really wants to clean, do laundry, wash dishes, unpack, and dust?? Not to mention plan activities for the next few months at church. I always hate the holiday all know what I mean. That unwelcome, overpowering doom- feeling of everyday life. The magic of the Christmas season melts away and you are forced to get back to the grind of the rest of the year. Of course there are still fun things to be done, but i digress.
Christmas was spent in Ohio. We were so lucky to get to spend time with my entire side of the family! We haven't all gotten together in a long time! We were sorry to miss the Walter family Christmas in Texas, but being my brother's first Christmas home from his mission, we headed north. Kate was a PERFECT traveler. She was good on the plane, and slept anywhere I put her on vacation! She couldn't have been better!
Here she is opening presents with Dad. She was really good at it! And she loved playing with everything. She mostly likes to eat the paper still.....
Kate LOVED playing with her Uncle Zach. One day Jon, Zach and I were gone for a couple of hours, and when we returned Kate ran squealing right for Zach. Who cares if Mom and Dad just walked in....she only had eyes for Zach! I feel the love Kate.
Kate of course got LOTS of presents. She was spoiled. I need to buy a new shelf to organize all her toys! Any suggestions?? I like the idea of the little tubs on shelves but I want a cheap version of whatever I get! Anyway (can you tell my mind is 100% scattered right now! I can't even type a blog post without getting off track!) One of Kate's favorite gifts was from Grandma, for her big girl room. She painted/draw some amazing pictures for her room and got this bear to match. Kate LOVES giving it kisses. She has also started kissing lots of people. She thinks it is funny to give kisses. So I am posting 2 shots of her kissing the bear. I couldn't decide on one. lol.
Too cute!
More pictures of hanging out with Uncle Zach. Between Zach and my mom, Kate was totally happy. She would cry when my mom left the room, but didn't seem to miss me!
Kate had a few 'firsts' while in Ohio. Some of the biggest were her first time sledding. She didn't really do much.... Jon said a few times he thinks she smiled, but otherwise she was indifferent.
She thought Grandpa was funny. She liked to laugh at him.
She got her 5th tooth! It is on the top, but not one of the middle ones.....she is starting to look really funny!

She also learned how to walk! She walks everywhere now. I can't slow her down. Goodbye baby, hello toddler.

All in all, our trip was amazing. Now we are back to work and life, working on those resolutions. I hope everyone else had as wonderful a Christmas as we did. Nothing brings me more happiness than spending time with family and friends.