Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pinewood derby

 Yesterday at church our ward had a pinewood derby. Kate and Dad made their cars over the past few weeks. Kate got to paint her car, and it was very colorful! Above is a shot of her car speeding down the track. Her car is the one on the left...the purple blur.
 Here is Kate at the end of the track waiting for her car to come down. And Kate's car finished first in her division (I think Jon said there were 3 other cars against her...but still a win is a win!)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun in the Sun

 We had several outings in the sun. We went to a splash park and had a great time. Kate ran around like a crazy person, as you can see!

 Abby is not afraid of the water at all. She seems to be a natural. When we went swimming at my good friend Kacie's pool, she would willingly dip her face in the water and come up smiling.

We also went to Coney Island for a day, even though I didn't get any pictures. We had so much fun just being together and doing whatever we wanted. We made our schedule for our trip up from day to day. It was perfect to just have a relaxing vacation and great visit with family. I am certainly blessed to have such a great family!

Serpent Mound

 Since my parents only live a few minutes from Serpent Mound we decided to head over on a beautiful afternoon to explore. I love the beautiful country out there. Just being out there makes my heart ache...I would love to own a house out there in the middle of nowhere! Here we are up on the platform looking down at the mound. I LOVE the way Kate is smashing Abby in this picture. Just cracks me up.
 We went on a short hike down to a creek. Kate was not sure about the mud. She kept talking about how the mud was scary and yucky. It was pretty funny, my kid is starting to turn into such a girl.

 Oh how I love hills and trees!!

And a priceless picture of Jon and Abby.  
Kate and Grandma. They are such best friends. I just love their relationship!

Just Hanging Around

 My girls just love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Kate literally won't let us hardly tough her while Grandma is in sight. It is the perfect vacation for us as parents!
 Kate loves the rocking horse that my Uncle Hoochie made for me when I was young. Her favorite was making it buck her all the way backward.

Good ol' Frishes. Always a must eat when we are home.  

 Grampy with the girls

Abby has really started to explore these days. She had a great time bouncing from one person to the next. I just can't get over her crazy hair!

Family Sunday

 On Sunday in Ohio my Mom and Grandma got the girls matching dresses to wear, and I happened to pack a matching dress without knowing it! But it made for a good photo op.

 And then Jon packed a black polo for his after church change of clothes!

 We had dinner at Grandma's and just hung out with everyone. Abby is a big fan of Grampy. Kate calls him Grumpy...which is just funny!

Kate, Abby, Bailey and Ally all in their matching black and white. Getting all these girls to look at the camera at one time is next to impossible.

Princess Cruise

 While we were visiting in Ohio my Aunt Amy had a great idea of taking the girls on a Princess Cruise on a riverboat. Kate had a blast! The kids were all dressed up and had a dance party with a bunch of princesses. As an adult I got fairly bored--but it was magic for the kids, and that is all that matters anyway! This picture of Zach is to document his commitment to Granny. We forgot her camera in the car and even though it was pouring he diligently went all the way back for her. He was SOAKED!

 Kate found her Prince Charming in Uncle Zach. She had a blast spinning around the dance floor with him.

 Abby was a fan of dancing around too, especially with Amy!
 Granny with Abby. I think they totally look related here, maybe it's the cheeks!!
 Kate also had fun touring the boat, she enjoyed exploring.
 The Princesses on the cruise were quite comical to me. These first two weren't bad, Cinderella and Belle.

 BUT Snow White and Little Mermaid made me laugh. It was a bit of a trailer trash version of those two. Kate didn't mind though.

 Kate, Bailey and Allie had fun dancing with the princesses.

 Checking the boat some more. It started out a really rainy day, but by the end it was quite nice.