Monday, October 27, 2014

First time in curlers

 As many people we are getting ready for Halloween around here. I'm trying to finish making our costumes... it will be done in a day or so I promise! Kate decided she wanted to be a girl Captain Hook. So she has to have curly hair! I decided to do a test run in curlers to get her used to it before the big costume day. The girl did great! She was so excited for her hair to be curly she didn't complain at all about it being uncomfortable. Such a champ (or maybe it is her vanity....she loves to feel pretty!) The first thing she said when she saw her hair was "Yay I look like Brave! (aka Merida)" I have to agree--she pulls off the crazy curls great! Now stay tuned for the full costume effect...if I can pull it off it will be super cute!

The big 2 8

 Well we all knew this day would come eventually. I'd eventually have to turn 28. It is really depressing to me to see the numbers of my age click closer and closer to 30. I feel like I'm still young and hip--but then something like a birthday happens and I realize I'm OLD! My birthday was fantastic, despite my decrepit age. I went on a shopping spree for some new clothes--always fun right?! Then a group of our friends came to the temple with us. And Leslie was able to join us! I've missed her so much since she moved! We then went to Leslie's house and Ezra had decorated for my birthday. We had dinner together and just sat around talking. It was magical. I thought my birthday partying was over--but I was wrong!
 Jon woke me up Sunday morning with these!!! I was so surprised! I didn't know I wanted them, but I assure you I have always wanted them! So sweet--he just picked them out because he said I deserved them and they looked like my style. Such a wise man!
 THEN he also had a group of our friends over for cupcakes and ice cream. Such a great time. The best thing about birthdays is seeing and hearing from all the people you love most. I am truly one lucky lady, even if I am getting up there in years!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Look at the Sky

When I was a teenager I read a story about optimism. In it the young girl is getting a landscape painting critiqued by a teacher. As the teacher begins listing the shortcomings on the ground of her picture, the girl keeps thinking, but look at the sky! It is a lesson to find and focus on the good despite shortcomings around us. One thing Texas has taught me is to look at the sky! It is often too hot, too muggy, too insect infested, too flat to be considered pretty in my book. But if you look at the sky, Texas doesn't disappoint. The big open sky is often filled with awe inducing clouds. Looking at the beautiful sky reminds me of this story every time and as I drive I find myself mentally counting my blessings. I love the amazing feeling it brings me. I am such a blessed woman!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cletus and Clara

WELCOME OCTOBER!!!! The best month of the year. I LOVE October! If only Texas believed in cooler temperatures.... but since it doesn't, I decided this year I was going to make my house feel like fall despite the summer weather! So Meet Cletus and Clara. They are my Scarecrow couple on the front porch. They are dreadfully in love, so much so that they sit together and people watch on my bench all day in eachothers arms, talking and kissing the day away. And inside the house I've gone a little leaf crazy. I love leaves-- the sight, sound, and smell of crisp autumn leaves! My decorations aren't all created yet--but I wanted to post today anyway since it is officially the first of October. Happy Fall Everyone!