Friday, August 30, 2013

The Geeky Cowgirl and Curly

 Kate is ALWAYS dressing up, usually as some sort of princess, but a few days ago she came into my room asking me questions dressed like this. I couldn't take it-- she was too goofy! And the glasses are too big for her face, so she kept puffing out her cheeks to help keep them on.

And then there is Curly....I just can't get past this girl's crazy curls. They are so fun! And as her hair gets longer they just get more spiraly (if that is even a word!) This girl is ALMOST walking now. She took 3 unassisted steps yesterday, and quickly dropped to crawling when she saw me looking at her.

My shopping buddies

 Every time I go shopping I feel like I'm part of some circus girls are not quiet about anything. And Kate usually dresses the part; and I decided long ago that I want her to dress herself (I will make sure she is presentable when she goes to school..but I still have time!) This day in particular I felt like I was pushing around a pop star...her random gloved hand just looked so weird! and she and Abby spent the majority of the trip waving at anyone we passed. These girls keep me entertained!

The Church is TRUE!!

So I have this thing I do when things work out perfectly in my life; I like to say "The church is true!" Sometimes I say it to be funny, but in all honesty it's my way of counting the small blessings in my every day life. Well yesterday I had a moment....and it brought tears to my eyes. It seems I texted my mom a few pictures of our Sea World trip and she still had them! So I have a few more pictures to prove we were there! I am so happy! Without further adieu:

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sea World

The 17th we went with Jon's parents and sister Michelle and her kids to Sea World in San Antonio. It was super hot, but super fun! My girls really loved looking at all the animals and watching the shows. Although  I am trying not to hold it against him, Jon accidentally erased our pictures from the I have only the crappy ones I took on my phone. But first we went to the Orca show, and Kate really loved it. We got splashed, and she thought it was hysterical. Then we moved on to the beluga/porpoise show. Kate actually liked that one even more (I think because it had even more going on at one time). I think both kid's favorite activity was feeding the seals. Sadly, they don't let you feed dolphins without special appointments (which were sold out where we got there) but we got to still do the seals. Abby was so engrossed studying them while they waited below in the tank for their food to be dropped. So many cute pictures were taken--and lost, so picture it with me, Kate holding the nasty little fish out with a few seals barking below, Abby and Kate both peering intently down at the creatures below. It was really fun, and I will most likely make Jon take us back again, and second time we should get some pictures out of it! Here is what little proof I have of the event:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Kevin Graduates Basic Training

We went as a family to San Antonio to go see Kevin graduate from the Air Force basic training. We met up with Grandma/pa Walter, Melissa's family, and Michelle's family. It was fun to get to see him and meet his new wife Kelsi. We went and spent the day on the River Walk, so that was fun. Pictures to come!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sisterly Love

Kate is really trying harder to play with Abby, sometimes too much. Abby ends up screaming because she wants to be left alone! But when Abby is in the mood they play together so sweetly. Kate will help Abby walk around the house, and share toys and her blanket with her.

Abby Turns One!!

 The book I used for the theme of Abby's first birthday party was the same one we used to decorate her nursery. It is Abigail bunny. So my cupcakes were a beginner's attempt to make cute bunnies!
 Kate basically thought the party was for her too. She loved having our friends over to play with.
 Abby wasn't too sure about the flame. And when we gave her the cupcake she hardly would touch it.We had to eventually give her a bite from our fingers to get her to realize it was worth getting messy for. Then she started saying "Mmmm" as she chowed down.

 Presents weren't too exciting for Abby. She kept trying to crawl away and find something else to do. But once they were out of the bags she was having a great time playing.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Abby Really Liked Dinner Last Night

Abby is such a good eater--unless it is a vegetable. But dinner last night was a huge hit, she ate more than Kate by far! And even her legs were covered in it! One of the biggest messes from her so far.

The Finish Line

I DID IT!! I breastfed Abby for a full year!!! (Ok so it is technically one day shy of a year but I'm so counting that!)YAY!!! I feel like I deserve some huge reward for making it this long! She only had a few bottles in her life--while I was in surgery right after her birth. I'd say that is a huge breastfeeding success story! AND she is drinking milk from a sippy cup with no complaints...that was a bonus! I thought I was going to have to fight to wean her, but yesterday I tried to give her a sippy, thinking if it was unsuccessful I'd nurse her, and she chugged without needing me. YAY for not being a cow anymore!!!


I got the chance to go see the musical Wicked with Mallory and Meghan Saturday. It was AMAZING! I loved it so much! I knew going into it I was going to love it, but it was the perfect all around experience!
 Our seats were dang good for the nose bleeds! We were the first row of the balcony dead center. Perfect!
Then afterwords we went to a Greek restaurant, and I was happy to discover I love Greek food! It was such a great day spent with great ladies. I am so lucky to have such great friends. Now we are busy planning our next big outing--Josh Groban!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Splash Park

To beat the heat we headed to the a Splash park with our friends Meghan and Mason. Abby was a bit timid about the water at first, but then was fine with it. Kate on the other hand was running around so much that we hardly got a picture with her in it!
Meghan's camera is so cool she caught the water droplets! And need I draw attention to those ringlets? Too cute I tell you!


Check out this bear crawl! It is her usual mode of crawling these days, I think she is debating between standing up and crawling and this is her hybrid version.

Here Kate and Mason are in the frame long enough to prove they were there too!

Typical Evening

Jon is the best Dad, he comes home from work and goes straight into Daddy mode...he picks Abby up from the floor (usually crying at my feet while I cook dinner) and goes to play with his girls while I finish up food. We are seriously so lucky to have him coming home so much now! If this past year has taught me anything it is to appreciate the gem of a husband I have. Just having him home is a huge blessing! But this picture cracked me up from yesterday, when both kids are finally looking, Dad doesn't get to yawn!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My little 'Idols'

 Life around our house is almost always loud. One of my girls is either crying, laughing, screaming, growling, talking, or singing. Speaking of singing, Kate has an Eco microphone that both my girls love to sing into. I'm going to have to break down and buy another one because giving concerts with just one mic is proving difficult. But I just love how their little faces look buried into their mic, both of them take their singing so cracks me up.