Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Grandpa Jensen

My Grandpa Jensen died and his funeral was on Monday. I was fortunate enough to make it to his funeral, thanks to wonderful friends who watched the girls while Jon was at work. I am so glad I went, aside from seeing family that I haven't seen in far too long, I learned things about my grandpa that I didn't know (or didn't remember). My grandpa was a triplet born in 1920 (Willard, Willis, about confusing!). Their family were good friends/neighbors to David O Mckay. Grandpa and his brothers were the first triplets on church record to serve a mission together. They went to San Antonio. Right after they got home all 3 were drafted into WWII, grandpa going to Japan and his brothers to Europe. His brother Willis was killed in France. Grandpa was in the military police who were tasked with liberating prisoners of war and clean up after the atomic bomb.  He had several Japanese baby clothes from mothers who would hand him their dead babies and walk away. Can you just imagine all the things he saw during his service!? The rest of his life was pretty regular, work in a factory, have 8 kids, serve several missions with his wife. He lived a long, good life (he was 5 weeks shy of his 95th birtday, so in my opinion that counts at making it to 95!)
 I met my parents in the Denver airport and we rode the same plane to Boise. It was fun to have some time with just my parents, they are the best ever!

 Can you tell they are siblings?

January recap

 Looking through camera pictures a few days ago I found this gem taken by Kate: Me sleeping holding my medicine. This sadly pretty much sums up my January. Being pregnant and keeping 2 other kids alive at the same time has pretty much wiped me out.  
 Despite my lack of enthusiasm, the month of January did go on, and a few pictures were taken! On the left--Abby got a stomach bug, and Kate was the sweetest sister ever, cuddling her and letting Abby sleep on her all while holding a cup in case she had to throw up. Just too sweet. Then on the right, Kate had laser eye surgery again. Her vision has slowly but steadily improved, so hopefully it keeps going in the right direction. And lastly, my girls just love, love, love their stuffed animals! They love to cuddle with them a the time!