Friday, November 18, 2011

New Obsession

Lately in the Walter home we have become obsessed with our baby. And by we I mean Kate. She wants to take the baby everywhere; to the bathroom (and yes the baby has to go potty every time Kate does), to the grocery store, on car rides (and on more than one occasion has been the cause of mom being distracted while driving. She will SCREAM bloody murder if she drops baby in the car) on walks with Chance, and to every room we go during the day. Not only does baby tag along everywhere, she has to be wrapped up in as many towels and wash cloths that Kate can get her hands on. And if one towel isn't on the baby she picks it up and says "Uh-Oh BABY!" and quickly adds that to the stack. She also enjoys putting the baby to bed in a laundry basket. Of course when baby goes to bed she needs a story and 3 stuffed as pictured above baby's 'bed' gets hectic! And pictured below is just an example of the baby roll! This picture only has 10 rags, which is a smaller than normal amount. She is so funny. I hope she is this in love with her siblings in the future!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its a bird.......Its a plane......

ITS SUPER KATE! The best part is that she really dressed herself like that. I was trying to get her to eat dinner, but she wanted the bib as a cape, and brought me her glasses and yelled until I put them on for her. Then she scanned the living room for any unused toys. With her sippy cup as her weapon, and her sidekick Chance, she is off! Super Kate won't rest until every toy gets to play!

In a totally unrelated note: Kate actually sat still long enough for me to play with her hair today! I may be biased, but I think my kid has the cutest hair ever! It is 100% natural beauty! Never cut, but has a natural style. Most days I don't even use a brush on it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pajama Jeans

Today I think I have decided I want to be an almost 2 year old, and Kate can be the Mom. Here are few reasons I came to this conclusion:
- You can run around a store squealing at the cool stuff and people just think you are cute.
- You can throw a tantrum when it is time to leave the store and people laugh, or just say "someone isn't done shopping!"
- You can eat 3 lolly pops for breakfast and not get in trouble because mom didn't catch you in time
- You can burp, fart, and act strange at the dinner table with company and they think you are cool. (Well I guess in my family you can get away with that most of the time at any age! The only difference is that your company might still think you are weird!)

But the number one reason I have decided it would be cool to be 2 is wearing pajama jeans (you all know what I'm talking about! The infomercials were really big, and then everyone makes fun of them. Secretly I have always wondered if I could get away with them!) Kids have the pajama jean type pants for everything, and they look totally cute. If I were to wear pajama jeans I would be afraid someone would point them out and laugh. I already have a bad enough wardrobe that I live in fear of the What Not To Wear crew showing up. But my die-hard-bum nature longs to buy pajama jeans and wear them daily!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We are kinda into books at our house. We are ALWAYS found sitting in piles of books. She sits surrounded by books reading to herself, or she stacks them ALL on her lap and tries to hug them. If the stack falls over she frantically tries to get them all back in a pile. I hope this is a glimpse into her bright academic future! I would not be sad if she was a genius and repaid us for all of her medical bills ;)
Modesty is a new issue in the Walter home. Kate's nursery leaders at church told us (jokingly of course!) that we needed to give our daughter a lesson in modesty. At church on Sunday she kept pulling her skirt up as high as she could. When the adults would try to pull it back down she would run away yelling "NO" and pull it back up! This picture is actually the skirt pretty low, when I picked her up it was up to the top of the heart! She must be showing off to a cute boy in her class :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year we took Kate out Trick or Treating for the first time! It is a lot more fun than trunk or treat if you ask me! Kate really seemed to get the hang of it! She wouldn't usually say trick or treat, but she would make eye contact with each person after they gave her candy and say and wave "BYE!" and then scurry off to the next house. It was fun to watch her. Man is she getting so old. My little baby isn't a baby anymore! We went around town (really it was a block!) with a few other kids from our ward. It was lots of fun to hang out with our friends while Kate had fun with her friends. Here they all are at their first door.

Such a cutie! Holding dad's hand and being safe!
As her bucket got heavier and she got more tired she kept doing this...with the hand on her face. She was trailing behind all the other kids the last leg of our lap. But she was a champ! She didn't whine or complain at all!