Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pinewood Derby

Jon was like a kid again when the announced the pinewood derby was open to all who wanted to participate. So he had each girl help design their own car, and he made his own. They all did really well too--except Jane's Olaf car. Kate got 2nd place in her category, and Abby was in the top 5. Jon was first place in his category too! The Branch President even mentioned his derby skills in his talk to next day at church.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter 2017 in Ohio

 We road tripped to Ohio for Easter! All 3 girls were good in the car!

 We are so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Jensen! My girls adore every minute with them! We went to Granny's house for Easter round one! We went shopping and got a little spoiled. Then had an egg hunt at Granny's and opened our baskets. The girls had a blast!

 Playing the classic hand stacking game waiting for dinner. We decided not to stress about cooking dinner--and went to Olive Garden instead!
Grandma reading bedtime stories. Our kids want nothing to do with Mom and Dad when Grandma is near! She reads them way more stories anyway!
Then we had Easter round 2, Adam's Branch Easter Egg hunt. Cute kid games and an egg hunt. As always the girls loved it!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Time Marches On

 It feels like I'm playing constant catch up! I love taking pictures and keeping a record of all the things we do, but for some reason I am always behind getting it done!
SO we found out lately that Jane loves to eat styrofoam,...just a little fiber right?
And we had a tornado in the area that luckily did no huge damage, But Jon came home during the tornado warning and decided it was a good time to clear out the drainage ditch in our back yard, that I'd been asking him to do for weeks.
 Kate had her first grade musical. It was a moving performance about good hygiene. She is always so dedicated to any performance it is entertaining to watch
 We had a fun triple date with the SC Walters. We went to dinner and bowling. Always fun to be with out family!

 Speaking of family, Kevin and Kelsi came to SC to visit! Kate was a huge fan of playing with Addie.
 Jane is a huge fan of Brooke!
 All the kids looking in one direction. Quite an accomplishment! And Aunt Heather making Kegan happy. The boys hung out and played games while the girls had a girls night. Fun to have them come hang out!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tartan Festival

 The family indulged me and came to the Tartan Festival with me! They had highland games, music, dancing, and different Clan booths set up. It was fun to see everything! I even talked to one clan representative and she looked up my ancestors and I learned we had our own Clan!

 We convinced the girls to try archery. Kate was really good! Even hitting the target with no help! Abby had to be bribed to try, but after releasing her first arrow said "oh nice!" and proceeded to happily finish all her arrows!

And the best way to end time at a festival is with snow cones!

Fishing With Dad