Sunday, July 31, 2016

Random Events in July

 I'm behind on blogging, and had just a bunch of random pictures and didn't really have big events to make into separate blog posts. So #1) putting the girls to bed surrounded by stuffed animals.
 2) Heather's kids come over for swimming fun. Then relaxing watching a movie
 3) rub a dub dub, 3 girls in a garden tub
 4) All 3 girls playing happily without me. Jane's first time playing without me!

5-7) Jane's first lemon, but she loved it!

 8) Reading with Dad
 9) Jane has a belly!!! We have worked hard for that belly.
 10) Kate and Abby playing house with speakers as people. So funny to see what entertains kids.
 11) What cooking dinner looks like with a screaming Jane
 12) Kate teaching Chance about Geography.
 13) Sisters teaching Jane how to play a game
 14-15) Doing ballet on Youtube, but had to dress up themselves and Chance first
16) First time big sisters dressed up Jane.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th of July

 Right after Jane's bday party we had 4th of July fun! It was supposed to rain heavily for the actual 4th, so we did it a few days early. But it was perfect for the girls. They loved throwing the poppers, and the sparklers. And Uncle Nate got to embrace his pyro side!

Jane's First Birthday Party

 We had Jane's birthday party while we were in Ohio at my Uncle Nathan's house. We had a fun little gathering! Jane decided she really liked having all the attention on her!

 At fist she was unsure how to handle the cupcake, but then she went to town! She even used her elbow to help shove it in her mouth. She loved the first so much that I gave her another one. This girl loves cake!

She had a great time opening presents too. You could see how happy she was to have all the attention on her!

And because you can't have too many cupcake pictures! And the rest of the party girls.