Monday, November 10, 2014

Carnival Rides with Dad

 Thursday evening the girls and I drove past a small carnival in our mall parking lot. Kate said "Ooooo Mom Do you think Daddy would take me to the ferris wheel??" So I told him about her request and he took her the next night. Since most carnival rides would be too big for Abby she and I hug out at home while Kate and Dad had a date! She had a blast!!!

Last Soccer Game

 Kate's last game of the season was Saturday. After the game the team went bowling and got trophies! Kate was so excited about her trophy that she carried it to every place we went that day.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

H A double L O W double E N Spells Halloween!

 This year for Halloween was extra fun since it was our first year with a kid having a party at school! Captain Hook took the Preschool by storm. She was so sassy as the Captain--I loved it!! She even started talking like a pirate as soon as her clothes were on. I have a feeling this girl was ment for the stage--she is loud and expressive, and can memorize like no other kid I know! While walking into school she said "Here mom, hold my hook! hahahaha! That's funny!" Her teachers gasped and clapped when they saw her in costume. Overall it was SO fun to see her confident little self strut around as Hook!

 Then the next day 31st, we had our ward trunk or treat party. So the rest of the family was revealed. Abby was Izzy from the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Jon was Jake, and I was Mr. Smee, naturally! I am pretty proud of how all our costumes turned out!


 Abby and Jon were the good guys. Kate and I the villains.
 Some of my favorite people in the world, Kate and Abby's adopted Grandparents Gena and Don decked out as Repunzel and Flynn including the floating lanterns. Then Mallory and Daniel in classic couple costume!

 This last picture is blurry but it is the one that we are actually all smiling so I had to put it up anyway!