Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Splash Park Fun

Today my sweet friend invited Kate and I to come to a splash park and play with her girls. It was so fun! Another friend from the ward came with her cute little girl, and it was an all girls afternoon! I thought Kate would be scared or something, but I was dead wrong. I sat her down next to a sprinkler and she took off! she crawled all around the park! She would laugh when the water would crash down on her. She was crawling so fast I had to put pants on her to protect her knees! Crazy, brave little thing!
Clapping for joy!
I knew it was time to go when she started this..... this pose is her classic way of saying "I'm tired Mom!"

Then here is a quick shot of Kate in a witch's hat. She wouldn't leave it on these are the best pictures I got.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My favorite season of the year is fall. This morning when I got online I was met with a greeting from Comcast informing me that it is officially fall. I felt so excited; till I remembered that I now live in TX, and won't get to have a pretty fall! In that perky mood I headed to Best Buy to pick up my camera that was being fixed. After being reunited with my camera, I decided to go browse Target, because I was close! While there I found these super-cute Halloween tins, and stickers. Have you ever had a vision of a craft project develop in your mind while standing in a store? Well for me, today was one of the most successful and budget friendly projects I've thought of all on my own! Normally I see my friend's cool projects and copy, but today was all me! I filled the tins with bouncy balls (fall colors of course), and used some skewers I had in the kitchen (painted with paint I already had). The total cost of my project was $10! That is only $2.50 a piece!!!! I am very excited if you can't tell! I plan to put them on my tables and other fun places in my house!
Yay for fall, and Yay for crafts! I must be getting old, doing crafts makes me more excited than it used to! Oh, and while I was making these, I finished my magnets for my magnet will come when I finally get Jon to hang them up!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Monday

Today has been a kinda boring day at the Walter while I was laying on the floor playing with the dog and Kate I took a few pictures with my phone. The above picture is Kate's new found way to carry toys while she crawls around. It is pretty funny.
Using the same technique with one of her favortie's keys. Good thing I'm not to much of a germ aphobe.
She now claps all the time. If she hears noises on the TV of cheering, or if she hears us say 'yay' she claps. Also, clapping means 'more' in Kate sign language.
She likes to always have toys in her mouth and hand at the same time! She is getting too busy! She constantly moves around getting into everything.
Jon just called and won't be home till my boring day just got a little longer. Good thing Kate is cute!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I can't believe I missed 9 months!

So it came to my reaization a few minutes ago that the date today is the 11th, meaing yesterday was the 10th.....Kate's 9 month birthday! How did I miss that?! I like to post on the day and write about what she is doing....and I spaced it! At least the 11th is really close right?!

So at 9 months Kate is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING. As we speak she is standing taking the pots and pans out of the cabinet next to me. (great. I thought I had more time before that started!) She just recently started to clearly say 'ba', so her vocabulary has gone from just mumbling/screaming 'dadada' type stuff to 'dada baba'. I keep trying to get her to say 'mama'but with no success. She still only has one tooth, but I think number 2 will break the surface in a few weeks. She has even started to learn to pet the dog--not just yank his hair. Oh and she thinks she is funny....she will be playing and just randomly start laughing at herself. I just love to watch her think and learn. She crawls like a pro,LOVES to steal dog food any time she can (and puts up a huge fight to keep it in her mouth....such a weird-O!) I think she has also started to say she will sometimes look up from doing something random and squeal what sounds lots like I'm counting that! I'm trying to make her next 'trick' waving. For now her 'tricks' include clapping anytime you say yay and giving high fives.

Thanks about it....but here is a picture taken on her actual 9 month day! She has started crawling into the dog cage! This is on her way out after her first trip inside. She took toys in and had a ball....poor chance started at her like she was violating some kind of rule....pretty funny stuff!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh My

I am not sure I'm ready for her to be a climber already.....she has tried to climb the couch and TV stand to. I've got to give her props though, this does really help her pull more toys out of the tote!