Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Grandma

So I have this pair of basketball shorts. They were ugly, and I got them in the men's section. But they were the most comfy pair ever! Grandma hated them, and begged me to burn them. SO this last year for Christmas I gave them to her as a present. When I went back to Ohio to pick up the kids she came out wearing the shorts to prove a point. She says, if they fit me they are for sure too big on you! Too funny to see her wearing the shorts she hates.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The big move

 So this move was crazy! On Kate's last day of school the girls and I loaded up in the truck after she got home and drove to Ohio. Grandma Jensen offered to watch the kids for us so we could do the actual moving without kids in tow. It was a lifesaver!! Then after I dropped the girls off, my Dad and I literally drove through a tornado to get to the airport the next morning. I flew to NJ and Jon picked me up after he got off work. We headed home and started loading up the Uhaul. The next morning people from church came to help us finish up, and then we headed to SC. Jon drove the truck and I drove the van with Chance. We did the 12 hours straight.

 Then we got to SC and started working on our fixer upper. We replaced the flooring in the entire downstairs, had painters paint the entire house. Then we tiled the bathrooms and carpeted the upstairs.

 Kenneth and Heather brought us dinner our first full rehab day, and we had our first dinner party at our house. The dress was casual.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Farewell NJ

 So the time we spent in NJ was brief, just 6 months. But I loved exploring the area, and wish we had more time to soak it in! But we didn't have time, but we enjoyed the time we did have. We played every chance we got!
 And LOVED the weather and yard! Jane even had her first experience with bubbles. She wasn't entirely sure what to think of them.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kate's Kindergarten Graduation

 Sadly having 2 kids on my lap during Kate's program, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but it was fun to watch my confident Kate on stage! She walked right up there with no reservations at all. And all the songs they sang she sang with such conviction. It was great! During her speaking part there was really bad feedback from the microphone, but even that didn't rattle her! She paused and restarted her line 3 times before the feedback cleared, but she was still composed. Don't loose your confidence Kate!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Soccer in NJ

 This spring we did a little soccer league with the girls. It is basically just a bunch of drills and games to teach the kids very basic soccer skills. Kate was a little too advanced for the group, but Abby was a little too young. Abby spent most of the time picking flowers and attacking a boy named David. It was almost more trouble than it was worth. These pictures are of them playing a super hero game wearing their practice jerseys as capes.
 And then to finish up a mostly unrelated picture, after our last practice Kate had some really chapped lips. So we headed to CVS for some chapstick, and I didn't notice that the kind the girls picked out was tinted....they look like clowns!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jane is 1!

 Jane is 1! Her actual birthday was a bit anticlimactic, but she got to wear a new outfit and eat one of her favorite meals, spaghetti! The girl loves noodles! We will do a party at a later date, cause we are in the middle of moving to SC! Good thing she is too young to notice her party being a little late.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1 Year Comparison

Kate, Abby and Jane all at about 1 year old. I'd say they sure are sisters!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

NYC Date Night!

 Jon came home Friday night and asked if I wanted to make a kidless trip to NYC Saturday night. Then he suggested we get tickets to see Aladdin! I am more than happy that we went! I feel like I can say I checked another thing off my bucket list. We went and walked around Times Square, and wow-- people everywhere! And how funny is it that of all the shops we could have looked around in we only went into the Disney store? We went fancy and had hot dogs from a street vendor for dinner. And I loved every minute!

 Then we went to Broadway!!! Oh Broadway, the music lover in me was blissed out.
 Inside the theater-- the lights were really we looked rough. But it was Arabian themed lighting, so it fit. And it ended up being the original cast!!! SO FANTASTIC! I was loving the voices and effects. Such an overall fun show!