Monday, April 20, 2015

My new ride!

Since baby 3 is on the way, it was impossible to keep my old car. So Jon worked some negotiating magic and got us a sweet deal on a sweet new van! There are buttons for everything! I do miss my tiny car every time I park or backup! Now here's hoping this van lasts for years and years!


This year Easter fell on General Conference weekend. Kate was especially interested in listening to the prophet speak and enjoyed lounging around and listening. We had a very casual day with just us celebrating. Unfortunately I was sick off and on all day, morning sickness still won't leave me alone! The girls loved the easter baskets and all the candy! Overall it was a successful day.

Spring Soccer Season

 We have officially started our second season of soccer. Kate still loves it, and is pretty good for a 5 year old. We have fun watching her for sure!

Working with Dad!

 Over Easter weekend we finally finished the bunk beds for the girls to share a room. The girls asked Jon if they could help him, and being the amazing Dad he is he set them up with brushes. We both expected them to get bored quickly, but they stayed at it till the job was complete. They even had small sun burns to prove it!

Southeast Texas State Fair

 Way back on March 27th, we headed out to the Southeast Texas State Fair for the evening. It was a beautiful night for the fair! And the girls loved everything from the food to the animals to the rides. This is them on their first 'rollercoaster'.

 My personal favorite--the rodeo! I would have loved to sit there for the whole event, but the girls got too bored too quickly.

        the girls adored petting all the animals