Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Fun

 For our Memorial Day we weren't all that traditional. I found on the internet the night before a city called Paterson. It was started by Alexander Hamilton to be the city to run off hydroelectric power. Sadly the museum was closed-- but the historic city was cool. Lots of old factory type buildings! I loved it.

 But the crowning feature in the city is Paterson Falls. It is called the Niagara Falls of NJ. It was really pretty! The girls had a great time looking around. Jane even stood at her first sight seeing destination! And the girls sitting with a statue of Hamilton.

 The girls dubbed this place rock mountain. They had a blast climbing around the rocks.

 Walking over to the bridge from the overlook park. It was a pretty sidewalk.

 The sun was bright where we needed to look to get the falls in the Jon and the girls had a tough time keeping eyes open.

 All their faces crack me up! I don't know what the big deal was, I kept my eyes open!

 As we were leaving the girls asked to take a picture of them in the trap. I think they really enjoyed themselves.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Jane is 11 Months!

 It's hard to believe this little Lady is 11 months old today! She is as cute as can be! She has 2 bottom teeth, has started eating soft solid foods. She isn't crawling, but she does some impressive baby yoga poses and seems to lean and stretch her way to whatever she wants.
And in other random milestone news, Kate lost her 3rd tooth!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

New York, New York!

 This weekend Kate had her turn for the class pet to visit. We decided it would be a good time to take the kids to see NYC. They have been so excited to go see the Statue of Liberty since we learned we were moving up here. The girls had a blast looking around....but they were not up for walking much. And sadly my phone battery was almost dead, so we didn't notice that somehow the camera was on selfie lots of our pictures were of our torsos....but these are the best there were.

 So we took a ferry out to see the Statue. We started right by the Brooklyn Bridge, so we were sure to take pictures with that in the background. Then we cruised out to the statue and sat there for awhile. The girls were excited to see her. Then on the way back our girls were quite famous. A huge group of Asian women asked if they could take pictures with the girls... and I kid you not over 8 women took turns sitting next to the girls giving peace signs to the camera while the other women tried to be goofy and get the girls to smile. So random. We guessed maybe it was Abby's curls, cause they seemed focused on her. I made sure Jon held her hand when we got off so they didn't try to run off with her!

After the ferry we headed to Wall Street. Then the girls both insisted we carry them. That sealed our decision--we headed back to the car. Then we drove to Central Park--where we couldn't park, so we waved as we drove by. We passed the Empire State building, the Public Library, Broadway. It was almost like seeing everything. Except not really. But hey at least we were there.