Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to me!

So this weekend I felt like I reaped the benefits of Father's Day! My husband, being the man he is, wanted things for the house as his Father's Day gift. So he got up bright and early, went to a home improvement store and bought new hardware for the cabinets! They make a huge difference!

Then, if I wasn't spoiled enough for one weekend, he wanted to go to Lowe's and get light fixtures. We now have 3 new lights in our house! They look great, but make the old ones that are still up look even worse! All in time we will get everything looking stunning!
Before shot of the dining room/entry
Then the after! (Yes it isn't spotless clean, but I figured it is nap time right now, and I won't get any more free time to show off my hubs handy work!)

Jon changed this one so quick I didn't get a before on the ceiling, so I made him hold it up. It is the hall light.

Then here is a shot of our living room. And again, it is covered in toys, but what do you expect, I have a crawling(basically) 6 month old and babysitting a 2.5 year old!) Notice, we were given a new sofa and chair! Thanks Susan! Then the Kitchen. This isn't the best light, but it's what I'm stuck with right now. But all new black appliances, counters and sink.

And one side of Kate's room. She's in there asleep, so I didn't dare take more shots! Also, my room is being slept in currently and I won't risk waking her up, so no pics of there! So that is the conclusion of the house tour for now!

Back to my amazing husband: so not only did he do lots around the house this weekend, he is an amazing employee! I found out at a company dinner this weekend that Jon built a house in 20 days! Can you believe that?! I had no clue! I mean I knew he was amazing, but seriously?! He is doing such a great job at his job. (hehe that sounded cool.) Not only is he great at his job, he is humble! He didn't brag to me about his accomplishments, and all he talks about is how he should change to get better. Yea, I'm one lucky lady!

We also had a great time with Kate this weekend. She has officially decided she loves to eat paper products. The other night I had to run an errand, and Jon said the only time she stopped crying was when he gave her the newspaper! And as you can see above, she loves cardboard.
Kate also had her first sippy cup experience. She loves it! I'm not sure she cares about drinking out of it as much as she loves to chew and hold it. It is fun to watch!

Then I have to post this picture cause it shows just how chunky this little girl is!

This is my new favorite dress on her! She looks like a yummy cupcake! And just FYI-- I tried to brush her hair, and that is what it turned out looking like!
Then this is Kate at the grocery store sitting in the cart for the first time. She SQUEALED and laughed the whole time. She was too cute. I'm not sure if everyone else I walked past thought the loud noise was all the great, but she was funny!

Monday, June 14, 2010


We moved into this wonderful house! (yeah i know its kinda old news now, but it still feels great to me!)
We enjoy this beautiful backyard, when it isnt 90+ outside!

We eat lots of baby food and make a big mess!

We get up on all fours and rock, and we travel backwards and in circles.

We hang out in the kitchen while mom works...and we like to hear our voice, it echos in this spacious house!
We are too cute for words!

We like to help daddy with his home improvement projects.

We like to chew on matter how akward it looks.

And we like to smile while we do it!

Pictures of the inside of the house are coming....I decided to start a painting project Sunday, and now the house is in shambles again! When I get it presentable I will do the big blog reveal!

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 months came and went!

So yesterday was Kate's 6 month birthday! And I missed blogging on that was a crazy-but-in-a-fun-kinda-way day. We were supposed to go to the doctor's office for our 6 month wellness appointment, but the doctor called in sick. So we will get the cool stats next week. I can however tell you without the doctor's official ruling that Kate is mighty large! her feet are starting to hang off the end of her car seat...I fear the doc will confirm my suspicion that I will be needing a new car seat very soon. Kate is getting into everything already. She rolls all over the living room, reaches up to grab things around her, 'talks' to everyone who will listen, get up on all fours and rocks, crawls/scoots backwards. She is so fun to be around, but is starting to be lots of work to clean up after!

Also, I realize that I still havent gotten pictures up of the house, but I cant find my camera of the hazards of moving! We (and by we I really mean I since Jon is always at work) are still slowly unpacking the 'non-essentials'. It is harder than I thought to find time to clean the house,take care of Kate and try to organize all our stuff! But anyway, I promise, pictures will soon come of the house, and Kate.