Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yep, That's one reason I love him!

So we are moving this weekend into our house!!! (YAY FINALLY!) I am so excited, but also feeling super stressed! I not only have to pack, I have to clean our house and apartment for the move. It is proving to be quite a challenge with Kate. So I was talking to Jon today while he was at work, and told him I was feeling stressed, and his reply to that was "Why don't you just go to the house. I think that will make you feel better." I was a little concerned by this.....does he not know me by now? Seeing all that we still need to do at the house would only add to my stress! Alas, I decided to see what he was up to. I arrive at my house to see 2 beautiful men painting my house. Not only are they painting, they are almost done! I was resigned to thinking our house would be a giant work in progress! We still needed to paint the kitchen, living/dining room, and both bathrooms, not counting ALL the trim in the entire house! My blessed husband had them paint everything to suprise me! My to-do list just shrank! AHHH I FEEL SO GOOD!

Now, if only the packing elves would return my phone calls.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A dip in the pool

My little girl got her little swimmers on and her cute suit for our ward's Young Women/Young Men pool party last night! It was so fun to get her all ready for the pool! She was a little model while we took pictures. Oh and spraying the sunscreen must tickle, cause every time I did she squealed laughing! Most fun I've ever had with sun screen!
Baby Sports Illistruated issue. I would make put this cutie on the cover!

She officially got in! When we got there she fell asleep, so I was worried she would miss her first pool experience, but she woke up in time! She was so funny. She smiled and had a blast! Maybe she has a future in the pool!

just FYI, this is post 100! Thanks to everyone who actually cares about our little family! we are so blessed to have 100 things to post about!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who needs prunes?

My sweet daughter (pictured above) has been eating solid foods for a few weeks now. We gave her some peaches, and for some reason they stopped her up! On the third day of no pooping I decided I should go get her some prune juice. Inorder to get ready I put her in her had been a few days since she used it. Alas, not even 5 min later she started pooping! Above is one of her classic pooping faces, accompinied by little grunting noises.
In other news she can sit up mostly on her own now....she still randomly falls over so it makes me nervous to let her sit up unsupervised!

Monday, May 10, 2010

5 months!!

Can you belive how fast this little girl is growing up? I sure can't!! Today my beautiful baby is 5 months old!
Kate is the sweetest little girl. She is talking/yelling up a storm now. Her favorite thing to do is talk to anyone who will look her way. She is constantly making sweet noise, especially during sacrament meeting at church! She can ALMOST sit all the way up on her own. She rolls over all the time, and is starting to move around by worming (as I have so scientifically dubbed it). I fear crawling is in our very near future. I think crawling will soon be followed by teeth, she chews on EVERYTHING. She's getting better at eating solids and will dive for the toys she wants to play with. It is so fun to watch her can just see her thinking now. My sweet little girl is the biggest blessing in my life!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So life around here has been busy with fixing up our house and getting it ready to move in. I haven't taken much time lately to take pictures of Kate, or to post. So here is a quick update. (mostly just pictures, cause I've just told you what we have been up to! We are THAT exciting... it only takes one sentance to get you up to date!) Kate has started eating baby food! Above is her first try. She's so funny. Now she does open her mouth when I get close with the spoon, so we are making progress!
She is such a happy baby, when she isn't crying/fussing! lol.
This is Kate on the floor at our new house. She hangs out while we work. Sadly, she doesn't stay happy long, and I usually end up carrying her around while I try to get wallpaper down. Not the easiest task...
This picture just makes me happy! My Aunt sent Kate this shirt, and she looks so cute in it! She does really love when people talk to her. Her favorite is when kids play with her, she squeals with laughter. She doesn't laugh that hard for just me!
And finally, she is getting close to growing out of her little car seat! My arms sure get a work out when I go out....She is not a light little girl! She is wearing lots of her 12 month clothes already! I would say she is mostly in 9 month sizes, but still, she's growing so fast! I wish she would slow down a bit, lots of her cute clothes don't fit anymore!

That is our life in a nutt shell. Hopefully soon I will have pictures to share of the house...right now it is kinda trashed!