Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It seems like it is always loud in my house. But how? I only have one kid! During nap time I almost never watch tv, in fact I turn it off and enjoy the sound of silence. I can't totally blame my daughter, she has two parents who aren't classified as quiet, but does everything have to be done at the TOP OF HER LUNGS?!?!
She always is running around having a grand ol' time, and sometimes her noises make me smile...but most of the time my head just spins. She still loves to read books to herself, and one of her favorites right now is the Grinch. She opens it, and finds the page where it talks about the noise, noise, noise...and then yells "Noise! Noise! Noise!" and closes the book. I think that kid really just does things to tease me!

One of the fun noises lately is when she is riding on daddy's back. That girl loves to climb on him and laugh and yell all around the house. She is such a crazy kid! She also is very into the phrase "what did I do", except when yelled it sounds more like "WAY-Ido?!?". She has a cartoon she watches on the computer, and any time she pushes a button to make life more exciting she yells that phrase. And when she is playing with daddy's phone and goes somewhere she knows she isn't supposed to she runs to him saying "UHOH, WAY-Ido?". And at church, my daughter can be heard above the congregation yelling "BIRDS!!!!" to Jon. She loves to play cell phone games during church, and we let her cause, let's face it-- she sits still longer with the phone than anything else! But man-- someone needs to teach that girl how to whisper! Her parents should get a clue!

And two unrelated pictures...just cause they have been taken in the last day or so. Sometimes my kid is just too naturally beautiful! I have yet to cut her hair, because it grows in with its own natural style. To prove my point, here is an after nap shot. Mind you--I didn't use a brush that day at all, and rarely do (partially cause I'm a bum, and partially cause I don't need to!)
And on Saturday Kate had a daddy daughter day while mom got to be a lazy bum! I came out of our room to get a snack and see Kate sitting on Jon's lap doing this to his face while he read a book. She is such a sweetie--even if she is loud about it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kate goes to the Zoo and New Years Too!

Since my family had to head home right after Christmas, we got to go spend New Years with Jon's sisters in Ft Worth. It was nice to get to go see everyone! On New Year's Eve we decided to head to the Zoo. Kate was a little difficult, since by the time we got there it was her nap time, but she really enjoyed herself! On the 20 minute ride to the zoo she took a tiny nap.
Here is how the Zoo adventure started. She sat in the stroller and let Dad lift her up to see the animals. It was working out wonderfully.
Aunt Lorraine and Lauren. It was the first time in 2 years we had seen their family. Glad we got to see them again!And then we did the unthinkable as parents. We set the beast free to feed the fish:
And this was the end result. She had to push the stroller. That is one thing, but if you tried to help her not run into people she would scream at you for touching it and not letting her do it alone. Jon and I were over that real quick.Then a miracle occurred. We went to feed the birds! And my sis in law hid the stroller! YAY!!
Michael found a friend!

And after the birds we had our normal run-everywhere 2 year old back! Here she is with Aunt Melissa. Thanks to Michelle for letting us crash at your place! It was a great weekend to see family and relax.