Monday, November 25, 2013

Random pictures

 Look at how different this girl look with her hair up! It cracks me up!
 Kate is a true Texan. She thinks pants are uncomfortable, because she only needs to wear them a few months every year. So when she puts them on she rolls up the bottoms and looks super stylin!
Speaking of the cooler weather, these girls need some pictures to prove that they actually wore a jacket from time to time, so here we are today getting ready to run to the grocery store. The joys of grocery shopping Thanksgiving week in the pouring rain with 2 fun! But we survived!  On another note when we got home Kate decided to go streaking around the yard in the pouring rain while yelling "It's so cold!!!" That girl is crazy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Chill in the Air

FINALLY!!! The weather has turned more fall-like! 2 nights ago we had to break down and turn the heater on. I have never been so happy. I love being chilly--wrapping up in a warm blanket, wearing big baggy sweatshirts, fuzzy socks.
And Jon does the most precious thing at night when it is chilly, when I come close to him in bed he automatically wraps me in his arms and pulls the blanket over us. It's this natural protective instinct thing that melts my heart. If that is how he feels about me while asleep, I know his love for me runs deep! I'm one lucky lady.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Josh Groban

 Last night I went to see Josh Groban sing to me for the 3rd time. I would let that man sing to me every night...*sigh*. His concert was amazing as always! Instead of singing mostly from his new album, he did kinda a greatest hits from his career....and it was great! He ended up singing most of my all time fav's! My awesome friends kept laughing at me on our way there cause I was giddy as a school girl! Several people also praised our shirts....they were pretty awesome!
The sad thing about the night was I realized he is not the perfect man. I am sad to report that he wore skin tight skinny jeans. I just can't handle that. I don't care how 'cool' fashion says they are, something about tight tight jeans on a man makes me queasy (shoot I don't like them on girls either)! Also, when asked what his favorite meal in the world is he responded about some place in Japan....and we all know how anti Asian food I am. A small part of my heart was broken, but then he sang my all time fav song and was forgiven! And I might have wanted to steal his violinist. He was precious! I am so lucky to have opportunities like this in my life! Great music is a huge blessing to me. And then amazing husband who lets me leave him with the kids, and great friends who humor me!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kate's First Primary Program

 At our church, one Sunday a year the kids in Primary do a program during Sacrament meeting. This year was Kate's first year in Primary and in the program. She was the first kid to give a line, and I am proud to report she delivered her line flawlessly! The rest of the hour she was also the comic relief....but we have new goals to work on for next year. Like, not flashing our undies. She was obviously bored by the end of it, and getting a little restless, but she was quiet so that counts as a success! Her line was "I am a child of God and He has a plan for me". She also did a pretty good job singing the songs. We are proud of our little sunbeam.

These pictures of our girls crack me up. Trying to get both of them looking at the camera is torture! These random attempts are funny to me. Especially the one where they are staring each other down...such funny girls!

My handy-man!

 This weekend Jon actually had a free Saturday, and he asked me if I wanted him to do anything for me. Well, thanks to pinterest, my list of things he could do for me is quite extensive! I decided the thing I wanted most was for him to build me a bench next to the front door so I can decorate it. That wasn't hard enough for my man, he decided to build a porch swing while he was at it (another thing on my wish list)! Let's just say I'm one happy lady. How hot is it that I can show my man a picture of something I want and he can just go do it?! In few weeks, after the lumber dries out, I will have them stained and decorated! Thanks for being awesome hubby!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Messy Mac&Cheese!

 Abby decided she was too cool for a silverware and opted to eat lunch face first.

Just Jon and Sarah

 All I ever talk about is our kids, so for once I am going to post something that is ALL about us. Jon sometimes scares me by how much he acts like my father. They always say that girls will marry someone like their dads, but its kinda creepy when you realize just how true that can be! Jon loves his football games, and eating chips and dip. Jon is doing really great at work. He loves what he is doing, and already at age 29 has achieved lots of his personal goals. I'm proud of my hard working man! He is amazing. And he is a dedicated husband and father. All I have to do is ask and he makes anything happen (except for my Paris vacation, but someday he will!)
Without mentioning the kids, I am pretty boring! I bought my first pie pan of my life...and am working to expand my horizons as a stay at home mom. I get to spend lots of time with my amazing friends, and love my life outside the home as well as within. I still read like an addict, and have been going to the gym when the kids aren't sick. I'm excited for the holidays!

Recent Happenings

 This girl is just too cute. Her curls naturally fall right into her eyes, Sometimes I'm not sure she can see. And Other times she is just precious...I love this little outfit on her. And a 4th tooth has just broken through. Oh, and when she waves hi and bye, she has started waving like a movie star(from the wrist and twisting it side to side.) so funny.
And thanks to after Halloween clearance, Kate has some new dress up clothes. And so does Chance. I started chuckling to myself in the store in anticipation. He is THRILLED with his manly outfit. hehe....Kate already loves dressing him up. Kate is SUCH a talker these days. She has always talked, but lately it has multiplied. She told me last night at dinner *sigh* "Mom you are very boring". And today "Mom, you can't eat macaroni, it's dangerous, so I ate yours from your bowl."  

Trick or Treat

 Halloween in Beaumont was wet.... the whole town was flooded all day, until right before Trick or Treat time! My girls were happy to still go out. Kate was so excited, she walked right into the first house that opened the door and said "hi!".  That girl knows no fear. Abby walked up to each house carrying her bucket too. She was so attached to her bucket that when Jon tried to help her with it she would scream until he gave it back. Funny, independent girls we have.