Saturday, September 28, 2013

Makin' the most of it

 Every fall that I have lived in Texas I seem to experience seasonal depression. I start to get angry that I am still sweating my face off and not getting to wear pants and sweatshirts. To try and get past my anger toward the warm weather, I decided to make a trip to the beach. It was quite perfect. We went on a weekday, so Meghan and I had the beach almost to ourselves. It was still pretty hot, but to too hot to function. Kate decided to go topless--and nothing I could say would convince her otherwise.

 Abby was fearless, just like Kate was as a younger kid. She would crawl face first into the waves and laugh when they hit her right int the face. She was like a mermaid returning home!

On the drive home Kate was asleep within minutes, and didn't move until we got home. It was fun to get out of the house and enjoy mother nature.

Control Issues

 My daughter  might be a bit too much like her mother. I admit, I have control issues. Just ask poor Jon. This might be part of why I have such a hard time with motherhood--but this post isn't about me. Kate has a much cuter way of showing it. She is mildly obsessed with making Chance do everything she says. The poor dog is so sweet--he goes right along with it, most of the time. Her new tool for inflicting her will on the dog is using his leash, or other similar materials. This day she cracked me up, using a scarf from her dress up clothes to tie him up, make him hold still, then tie him to her. I love his face in the first picture. He is clearly pleading for me to set him free. Best dog ever!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fun with Food

 Yesterday I declared it a no cooking day, and packed the kids in the car to go get dinner. We ended up at Diary Queen--cause Kate asked for an ice cream cone, and who was I to say no! Being the smarty-pants that I am, I got a dipped cone for Kate and Abby to share. Kate was GREAT at sharing, and kept herself relatively clean. BUT when I got home and unbuckled Abby I found a huge mess. I had to wipe everything down and head straight to the bathtub. But that happy smile was well worth it!
 And poor Chance, I don't think that dog will get a normal diet for the rest of his life. Abby eats dog food if it is at her level, so his food spends most of the time on the counter. Yesterday I found Kate sitting at the table with his food---and her food mixed up. She was only eating her gold fish though...(so gross!)
Then today after my shower, I came out to find Abby covered in cookie dough! I had some cookie dough in the fridge (I was of course hiding for me!), and Kate found it, and was sweet enough to share with her sister. They ate it ALL while I was in the shower! It was probably 6 cookies worth....hopefully they don't end up sick!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pretty on Sunday

 This morning after getting the girls dressed for church I decided I still had a few minutes to take a few pictures of my girls all dressed up. They both looked very cute and were in good moods. I pulled out our real camera, took one picture and the battery died. So much for that! So I used my crappy phone camera and this is a good as it gets. I was heartbroken because the girls were actually sitting still and being happy and sweet. I guess a crappy picture is better than nothing....right?
  And I had to laugh at Kate and her cross eyed picture here! She did it on purpose, telling me she wanted to be silly.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hide and Seek

Last night Jon and Kate played hide and seek for the first time (first time that she kinda understood what was supposed to happen!). Jon is a dirty cheater, even when playing with a 3 year old! He would count, then call "Ok Kate you ready?" so she would then answer loudly by saying "Yes! I'm in here!". Totally evil, but the adults had a good laugh at her expense. One turn while looking for dad (Who was hiding behind the curtains in the living room) Kate asked for help. I looked out (from cooking dinner in the kitchen) and when I didn't see him told her to take Chance for help. She called for her trusty sidekick, who promptly sat down and started barking at the window. I told Kate maybe dad went outside. Finally I came out to help (only so much barking can be tolerated) and saw Kate looking right at the window where Jon was poorly hiding with Chance RIGHT in front of him barking. Kate just had no clue she was looking at him. Too funny.
 Just because- this is the face Kate makes when she is mock mad at me. And when she is wearing her glasses I can't help but laugh.
And an update on Abby, since I guess today is her 13th month. She is cranky lately! Fingers crossed it is just teeth (poor thing still only has 2!). And boy is she opinionated! If she wants something she is not shy about asking (aka screaming at the top of her little lungs.) Good thing she is so cute! Speaking of, her hair....I just can't stop talking about her hair! I hope it stays this curly her whole is divine! this is what it does when I take the pony tail out before bath time. Such a 'fro!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adventures in Motherhood

The last few days have been pretty boring around our house. Kate decided to get some sort of bug, and spent yesterday throwing up. *Fingers crossed* Abby doesn't seem to have it, but I have been trying to sanitize like a mad woman today. Awhile ago I bought these cleaning mitts to use as socks to mop the floor (the idea was to wear them while I did dishes and multi task) but today I used them just to have a dance party in the kitchen( Ya know I could use my extensive dance training to mop up my floor!). I apparently looked to coo because Kate was near to tears that she didn't have any 'pretty things' for her feet like me. I guess I will have to get to more so I can put her to work next time! Speaking of miss Kate, here is her beautiful hair before church on Sunday. All she did was sleep in braids.