Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 For our long weekend, we really just took some time to relax and work (you can be productive and still feel like its a break right?!). Jon was amazing and painted our baby's room. We went green....a nice baby girl green. It will be cute with everything put together. Jon also did loads of yard work. Our house is really getting polished lately. If Jon keeps up this pace his honey-do list may just be empty for the first time in his life ;) (that makes me sound demanding and like a task master....I'd like to think I'm not, but as Jon tells everyone "my wife is happy when I am working." ha....I guess it's true!) Then to have some real fun on Monday Jon and his friend Ezra decided they wanted to take their kids fishing. Sounded perfect to me...a free morning! I got to go shopping alone (I still laugh at myself when I get excited about that....oh how much children change your life!), and do some organizing in my room. Since the new baby will need a bedroom, our extra room-- that used to just serve as a resting place for the things we didn't know what to do with--had to be cleaned out and the stuff organized. I think I have MOSTLY gotten that under control. I'm still working on getting my closet back together from adding quite a few things to it! Anyway, after some organizing my family returned and took naps. Then we went to the Beaumont Walter Family cookout. We had the kids playing in the pool and ate good food. Overall it was just great to spend some extra time with my man around. Kate and I sure do love him! And to show you some photo proof, here is Kate in one of her new favorite games--backwards horsey rides:
For whatever reason Kate thinks hugging her dad's behind is a smart idea.....she will learn someday just how unwise this move is!
And just because I have this picture from this week I want to post it. Kate and Chance are just like siblings. Kate talks to him all day long and likes him to follow her around the house. I heard her telling chance to sit the other day and then she said "baby on Chance lap! yay!" I had to come see what in the world she was doing to the poor dog. It wasn't what I was imagining! I thought I would find Kate trying to sit on him or something....but no, she just wanted Chance to hold her baby. She was very pleased that Chance accommodated her wishes so well.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Advice Needed, and some bubbles for fun

 On Friday night Jon came home from work and went straight to bed. Kate and I were bored to tears with we went outside to blow bubbles. That of course then led to bath time. I guess Kate decided she hadn't had her fill of bubbles, and while I wasn't looking dumpped her entire bottle of shampoo into the tub. Instead of yelling at her--which was my initial instinct, I just embraced the bubble party. (And today I bought some real bubble bath so hopefully the shampoo will be spared next time.)
Now, that first part of the post was to prove that Kate and I do have some good times together. But GOOD GRIEF it feels like we fight constantly! What I want to know is are there any other moms out there who have felt like their child generally doesn't like them? I would bet half a million dollars if I had it that Kate would confirm the fact that she really dislikes me if she had more of the verbal capasity to do so. It makes me absolutely wild....she is so well behaved for other people, but turns crazy and angry if stuck with me. For example, Sunday walking into church Kate started throwing an epic fit. I got to our pew and was putting my stuff down so I could take her back out and calm her down, when she saw her Uncle Kenneth and ran right to him and sat happily on his lap. She was 100% happy the rest of church because she didn't have to be near me. Now, I LOVE that she is super friendly and happy with other people, but does she have to show her hatred towards me so strong---or vocally! At the grocery store today, THANK GOODNESS Aunt Heather was there too because Kate started SCREAMING bloody murder at me and hitting me, until Heather volunterred to push Kate's cart. Then she sat happy in the cart until I went to put her in our car....where she cried the whole way home demanding to be back with Heather. Maybe its partially my hormones talking, but it sorta rips my heart out to know my kid can't stand me. I try so hard to be a good mom and feel like its getting me nowhere. Obviously I'm doing something wrong if my kid can't be near me. SO--if anyone has ANY advice or thoughts of what I should try or ANYTHING, PLEASE let me know. I feel so desperate. I need Kate and I to be on better terms before her sister is born.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My new Boyfriend

I bought myself a boyfriend on Monday, and I think it's love. My body has been feeling like it might break apart at any given moment so I decided it was time to get a body pillow. When I was pregnant with Kate I don't remember my body hurting this bad this early on. I'm only 26 weeks!! Things only get bigger from here! Is it because I'm older? I'm in worse shape? I'm picking up a toddler all day? I'm aware that it only gets worse so I'm being over dramatic? Ha I don't know! But, my new boyfriend did help relieve some of the pain in my back the past few nights. So that is about all it takes right now for me to publicly confess to being in love. My current husband is not the biggest fan of my boyfriend because he says that with him in my arms I take up too much space in our bed. I say that I'm the one carrying the baby so I make the rules!
Does anyone else think that feeling so much discomfort this early on is normal?? I don't like feeling like I'm a wuss....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

 My mother's Day turned into a mother's weekend....I think I won the jackpot on that one! Jon spent most all day Saturday doing projects around the house for me! He fixed some paint that had been messed up since we moved in, cleaned the whole house, took care of Kate, fixed a light, mowed the yard, and planted some flowers for me. He sent me to the store to get what plants I wanted planted, and when I came home this picture walked by my window:
My husband is pretty amazing if I do say so myself! Then I got to see proof that Kate really likes helping Jon mow:
So this mother's day I was not only feeling loved by my family, and feeling love for my mom, but I was reminded just how great of a husband I have. I'm so excited to be getting to the point where I feel better and can get more projects taken care of around my house....cause in 3 months I won't have time for many projects!! Hopefully I will get my act together and have pictures of Kate's big girl room this week--It is mostly done, but I don't want to post pictures till I get all the details done! Then it will be on to the new baby room and finishing my room! So much to get done so little time! I hope everyone had a great mother's day!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Water Fun

 In the last couple of weeks we have found a few excuses to play outside in the water. We aren't picky as to what form of water....for example the first two pictures are from a splash park nearby where we met up with a group of our friends. Kate ran around screaming and laughing. Basically she thought she was in heaven.
 Then we are content to hang out in the back yard with our cousins too! Splashing and squealing and being kids. Mom is glad they are still so easily amused! Give them a pool, a few cups and bowls and you've got a party!

 Then when we are living the high life we will chill poolside! Kate is actually a pretty decent swimmer considering her age. I'm really excited for her swimming lessons to start next month. We will get her ready for the Olympics someday--or I would settle for just a good swimmer so I don't have to hold her/and or watch her like a hawk!! That will give me arms for the next little swimmer I will be bringing around with us in August.