Monday, February 21, 2011


Today's post does not come with a cool title. I just don't have one!

I just wanted to write a post with a few updates on Kate and our life in general. We have been keeping ourselves busy with work, friends, and church! The weeks are starting to pass by faster, and I am starting to get behind on my blogging and scrapbooking (that is quite an understatement....I haven't scrapbooked past Kate's 2nd month of life!)

Kate LOVES LOVES LOVES animals...but mostly dogs. She chases Chance around singing to him and trying to pet him all the time. She loves to grab his toys and run away screaming and laughing....apparently being chased is going to be a new favorite game...she has started getting a thrill out of runing away from us too! Today we went to the park (ya know... cause here in TX it is already shorts weather...and I don't know if that makes me happy or sad) and Kate threw a FIT because there were some dogs running in a big open area and I wouldn't let her go chase them. She LOVES to hug stuffed animals. She is just an animals girl. I really like that!

She has started bringing everything to us to see. Here she is coming to show me the plastic bag and camera case. I don't get it--but we have to see everything and tell her how cool it is. Again at the park today she kept giving me pieces of mulch and rocks. It isn't an entertaining game for mom....but at least she has developed a good trait--when she does put something in her mouth that isn't food (which seems to happen a million times a day! I'm pretty sure today she swallowed a few rocks that I didn't see!) she will give it to you when you ask her for it.

Kate is a huge ham. If you try to take her picture she will run away and be totally cheesy! Makes me laugh every time. She LOVES people to pay attention to her. She is totally content to hang out with other people....ALL the time. She is happier when we have company over. We had friends over for games on Friday and Kate enjoyed it as much as us I think. She thinks she is older than she is...

She also has more teeth! She has been working on her other middle top tooth (does that even make sence?) for awhile now, but not it is in and looking all cute. She is just getting so big. Sometimes it blows my mind. Oh, and I am laying the foundation to start potty training. After her baths (and sometimes before) I put Kate on her potty seat. She farted the first time I did it and I celebrated for her. She then decided that was a cool reaction and pushed out a tiny poop! Basically she and I thought that was the coolest thing ever! So now she just pushes every time she is up there. At least she is learning what is supposed to happen! I want to get her potty trained soon....whenever we decide to have another one, I want her out of diapers! If anyone has any tips PLEASE leave them. I'm up for suggestions!

Anyway--Life is really going great here. Sometimes I worry that things are TOO great... ya know how life always goes. When you think things are perfect and you get too comfy something goes wrong! Ah well-- guess I will go enjoy my perfect afternoon! Kate has only been sleeping for an hour a day my freetime is getting more scarce!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentines Day at our house was awesome! Jon brought home some pretty flowers, and I gave him a construction radio (I still don't get why he wanted it...but oh well!) We had some sweet friends who offered to watch Kate for us so we could go out. Since we can still go to dinner with Kate, we decided to go on a movie date. We saw Just go with it, and we both really loved it! It was funny stuff! I have never heard Jon laugh that loud in the theaters. It was such a nice way to spend the time laughing with my amazing husband! Hope all of you had as great of a time as us!
This morning Kate's breakfast was really festive! I gave her a fruit bar and she seemed to forget where her mouth was....she took each piece of the bar and rubbed in on her forhead. I don't get it--it's like she was playing stupid or something. lol. It made for some cute pictures!
"More please mom!" Kate is loving talking to me in sign language. She now says more please and all done. She uses more please to tell me she is hungry also. As soon as she wakes up in the morning she starts signing more please which means I want food and drink please. She says it all the time. Makes me excited. I also am starting getting her used to the potty. Yesterday she started grunting while we were in the bathroom so I threw her on the potty and she tooted a few times for me. I'm hoping to get her potty trained before she is two.....yea I know its a lofty goal.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Random funny times

Today is a mostly boring, but not bad Monday. You know those days, nothing major to report, and nothing exciting either. Kate and I are just hanging out. We went to the grocery store and that is about all we have planned. I was looking through my emails cleaning out old stuff and found these pictures I sent myself and forgot to post. This first picture makes me smile every time I see it-- It was 2 saturdays ago, only a few days after Kate's seziure. I had a Relief Society meeting in the morning, and came home to this:Dad and Kate crashed out on the living room floor from all their fun playing. They didn't even wake up when I came in the house. Melts my heart.
Then next (even though the pictures are small and I cant seem to figure out why...) We have Kate and Nikki at the grocery store. There was a "huge" storm down here and Nikki got the day off work, so we headed out into the "ice" and went shopping. Kate loved shopping with Nikki because she gives her rides on her shoulders. Her mom just isn't that cool. lol. But I'm ok with that!
Hope you are all having wonderfully boring/exciting Mondays like us!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feelin' Good

Our little girl seems to be back to normal. I am still praying that no seziures happen again, but for now she doesn't have the virus anymore. Jon helped me sanitize the house....we had to open the windows because the lysol smell was so strong! I'm praying that she doesn't catch it again. I don't think I can handle another sickness for awhile. I'm still trying to mentally recover from this one. I've turned into paranoid know what she looks like. The mom who doesn't let her child out of her eyesight, and jumps at the slightest sound (or in my case the shortest silence). And I have an irrational fear of running the vaccum.....since that is what I was doing before the seziure. I hope that passes. Anyway: here is photo evidence that my kid is back to her normal self. I think in this first picture she was trying to tell me she wanted washed like her laundry....a few moments later she tried to climb into the bathtub.
Our latest past time is taking clothes out of the dressers and putting them on her head. My recent favorite is a pair of Jon's whitie-tighties and putting them on her head. She kept them on for a very long time! She even cried when they fell off and promptly put them back on. It is so great to have this happy face back! I am so lucky that she is alright.