Friday, September 21, 2012

The Glasses

 Yesterday we decided to head to the park for a little sunshine. Kate asked me to put two "hur dews" in her hair. She was very excited by her pretty pig tails. Then, as we continued to get ready she told me she was going to bring her backpack. And to complete the look she frantically told me to "WAIT A MINUTE MOMMY" as she ran to her room to get her glasses. She of course picked the pair that she popped the lenses out of...instead of the other 3 pairs of sun glasses she has that still have lenses. I thought she looked TOO funny. She marched around that playground like she owned the place. You could just see how proud she was of her look for the day. This girl totally cracks me up. So much confidence, she had no clue that really she was dressed more for nerd day than the runway. I hope she doesn't lose that confidence as she gets older. And then the glasses made their appearance on Abby. I think the caption to this photo should be "Solving the world's problems one nap at a time" My girls just look stylish in anything!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Dress Up

 Kate loves to play in her room, and lately likes to dress up when she is there. She is very into the dress up stuff, and making herself and mom pretty. The other night we all were playing in Kate's room, and Kate decided 'Habigail' needed to dress up too. It was pretty funny. Kate was so proud that she made 'Habigial' look so 'cretty'. I've officially decided that Kate's 3rd birthday party will be dress up themed-- with the book Fancy Nancy as the inspiration. Kate will adore it. Adore is a fancy way to say love.
 My goofy girls. I just love them. They will make us broke when they are teenagers, but we will love them anyway!
 Kate has been embracing the role of big sister. She prides herself on how well she can look after 'Habigail'. She will come running to tell you that she gave Abigail her pacifier, or that she got her to stop crying, or that she gave her a blanket. She is such a good helper that even when you tell her to leave Abby alone to let her sleep, this is what you will find:
All the while Kate is saying, "I be quiet mom, Habigail sleeping!" Such a helpful and loving sister.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Role Reversal

This morning Jon told me that he was planning to go mow the yard. This instantly made me sad! I didn't want to be stuck inside with 2 kids again. So I decided I would mow and Jon could pick up the house. Once I was dressed and ready Jon explained how to start our mower and I headed out. Sadly after 5 attempts I couldn't get that bad boy to start. I had to come get the man to start it. Then I was on my way. Not even 2 minutes later Jon came out with my baby wrap to have me show him how to put Abby in. We both decided that we aren't good at role reversal....we need each other to make it work.

Random note about mowing
It makes me feel like a teenager again! It brings back lots of memories of me mowing my parents yard. With the help of Pandora's 90's station I spent a blissful hour reminiscing while working up a sweat.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Daddy Loves his Girls!

 Jon is such a great father! His girls really love him and he loves them. Still the best person to get Abby to stop crying is Jon! I am lucky to have him as my partner in this journey we call life!

Finger Painting

 My mom is full of fun projects to do with Kate! One day she pulled out finger paints. Kate was a fan, even though she kept trying to make it body art instead of painting the posters. Kate loves anything active and this was right up her alley. I see us repeating this activity lots in our future!
 Uncle Zachs masterpiece.
 Look at that artsy grandma! Sometimes her artistic ability makes me a little sick ;)
Messy hands! Kate and my mom are super buds. My mom is currently flying home today from taking care of us. She will be greatly missed, but I love how involved she stays even from far away. We talk on the phone or computer almost daily. I love that my girls get to grow up with such a strong relationship with my parents! They are such a blessing.

Uncle Zach

 I've already said that my brother got to come visit us for a few days. It was fun to have him, though I think his number 1 fan was Kate. Abigail really seemed to like him too. Mom and I were able to ditch the girls with Zach a few times during nap time even! I was finally able to get a picture of Abigail's "blue steel"face from Zoolander with my brother's help. Maybe it is because he is the only brother I have, but I think he's a pretty awesome dude! Today he is back in Idaho starting another semester of school. Good luck Uncle Zach! Date lots of cool girls so we can have an aunt to play with too!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Bath

 For being such a colicky baby Abigail sure likes bathtime. She will sit in the tub super content and just enjoy the water, and her own reflection in the mirror. She does the same thing if I take her in the shower with me. Something about the water soothes the girl.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hanging around my town

 Grandma decided she needed to work on her tan while here in Texas. She took Kate to a friend in our ward's pool one morning, then the next day they ventured to the backyard pool for more Vit-D.
And this week my brother Zach came down here to meet Abigail and play with Kate. So far he has been the most dedicated playmate ever! Kate can ask him to do anything and he will! As photo proof, Kate asked Zach to put on his purse and go "shopping" in the house with her. They made a cute pair running around fake shopping in their super cool purses. It sure brought out Zach's feminine side!


 Abigail is already a much different child than Kate was. Abigail is so much more fussy than Kate! Kate was a professional sleeper, but Abby is not. She is not afraid to scream and cry when she is unhappy. Abby seems to have some kind of colic....which is not very fun on my end. I've been trying to be careful with my diet to help reduce her tummy troubles. So far we think chocolate and dairy really effect her. This mom might get super skinny!!
 Abby likes to sleep bundled up. Kate always liked to be on her belly. Sometimes the only way to get her to stop screaming is to wrap her up really tight and bounce her in your arms for several minutes till she gives up and lets herself fall asleep. Having my mom here these last few weeks has been a huge help. This has let us take turns in the middle of the night so we can still get some rest. I have no clue how I will function when she leaves! Guess I will be one tired and skinny momma!
 Thankfully like Kate, Abigail is a good eater. She is growing like a weed. After a good feeding she usually becomes a limp baby. Until she gets gas...but before then you get to watch her cute little self looking all peaceful!

Painting our Fingernails

 Grandma is so cool, and had a spa night with Kate and Abby. We all hung out in the bathroom and painted Kate's fingers and toes. But then Grandma drew flowers on Kate's nails too!
 We all think Grandma is the best! Even Miss Abby held nice and still for her first pedicure! Sweet little purple toes.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abigail's Baby Blessing

For Abigail's baby blessing we had a group of family and friends come over to our home. It was great to have everyone at our intimate little party! My mom and dad were here to help me get everything together--which was perfect, cause I would have not been able to do it on my own.
Nikki came over early to follow us around and get lots of great pictures. Here my parents are getting her all dressed. She looked so great in her sweet little dress. And just like Kate, she wore the same shoes I wore at my baby blessing.
My Dad and Jon were huge party helpers. I got to just order them around while I took it easy! The only good thing about just having a baby and surgery in the same week!!
Our little family. Its still crazy to think about being a family of 4.
My mom being a great grandma. Seriously, as far as grandparents go my kids are so lucky!!
Me and my side of the family.
 Jon with his parents and Kenneth's Family.
 Being the center of attention is hard work!
 Kate on the other hand absolutely loved having all the people around!
 All the Walter cousins that were in attendance. I still can't believe we got all of them sitting in one spot and looking at the camera!
 Me with my little girl. I cant wait to see more of her personality come out.
 Our dear friends the Czubas came. Also the Ruggles and Dillers were there. We are so blessed to have such great friends.
 Abigail with her Grandpa Walter
 Kate with Grandma Jensen. She is such a Grandmas girl.
 Matt and Mason Ruggles. Mason is one of the cutest kids alive!
 Cousin Alex was a big fan of baby Abby. He was so sweet with her! Jim was helping show him how to hold her.
 Abigail with her aunt Melissa.
 Bright eyed and checking out all her admirers. I just love her dress!
 Cheesy smiles from the big sister.
Nikki and Kate holding Abigail. I just love those girls!!
It was such a fun time to have everyone in our home. The baby blessing was a sweet experience. Our bishop came to lead the meeting, we sang Kate's favorite song "I am a child of God"and Jon gave her a sweet blessing. I am so blessed to have my family and friends be a part of this milestone in Abigail's life.