Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 This year for Halloween our little family went as witches, with Jon as our cauldron. We went to our ward trunk or treat activity and had a great time! Kate loved getting candy and doing all the activities in the gym. It was actually a chilly evening with lots of wind blowing so our cool hats weren't able to be worn. :( But I was proud of the cute tutus that I made for me and the girls. We turned out cute. (the girls more so than me!)

 Poor Kate's tutu decided to fall off. The elastic stretched out and it wouldn't stay up.

 Uncle Scott passing out candy to Kate.  And the girls with Dad. He looks good dressed as pot.

 I must say that the tutus were much more flattering on my girls than on me!
 Kate found Dallin and took him around with her to some activities. So cute to see them like that.
 Shooting a monster with Dad and Ezra. She loves Ezra so much!
 Jon and Kenneth helped take down a tire when it was time for the Young Men and Young Women in our ward to do their entertainment. I thought it was funny to see their team work.
 The Young Women danced to "Thriller" as their entertainment. Kate LOVED it! She was the only kid who got up and started trying to follow along with the girls. She was standing front and center literally copy their actions. That girl is so funny, she thinks she is a teenager already. Here she is after their dance with some of her favorite girls, Kensey, Sierra, and Makayla. So much Halloween fun!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

 I got our family pumpkins so we could carve them in true Halloween tradition. Kate wanted NOTHING to do with it. She would not touch the guts for anything. We tried several times and then finally just gave up. Therefore none of our pumpkins actually got carved. Talk about Halloween scrooges!

So cute!

 My grandma got this adorible dress for Abigail, and when I got it on her I had to take some pictures. It is just SO cute on her!

 What up peps?! I know I'm cute, I'll sign autographs when I learn how to write!
 Kate then saw me taking pictures and wanted in on the action. I thought she wanted me to take pictures of her too-- but I was wrong. She wanted to be the photographer! So here is a decent shot she got of Abigail and I.

Closer to 30 than 20

I officially turned old. I am now an old and moldy 26 years old. I was honestly bummed about my birthday this year, since Jon has been out of town for work I didn't think we would get to do much exciting. But happily I was wrong! Jon told me he was coming home early to take me out to dinner. I was texting Nikki about how lame my birthday was going to be while I was getting ready. Then a pizza man showed up with 4 pizzas. I told him that we hadn't ordered any pizza...until I saw my husbands name on the receipt. I figured that something else was going on. When my friends and husband showed up and threw balloons in my face I was mildly prepared for it. My friends brought a banner, balloons, gifts, cake, cups/plates/silverware, and fun! It was a great surprise. I am so spoiled to have such amazing friends and husband. To be perfectly honest this was exactly what I was hoping would happen. I wanted more than anything to have an evening with my friends. Best birthday present ever!

 But on top of that they got me a sweet cover for my Kindle and new cups and gift cards!
 Sweet shots of me and the ladies. We are so cool.

 This one just makes me laugh. But seriously-- we are pretty good looking ladies! Love them so much!!!

Random unrelated side note: Man my hair looks good in these pics! I may be old, but my hair is rockin'!

Happy birthday to me!

Fighting Cousins

Kate and Dallin are famous in nursery for fighting. The Nursery leaders say they will literally make them play on seperate sides of the room. They take turns beating eachother up, and strangely enough they still love eachother. They will be so sweet here-- they spent an afternoon sitting together. They move so fast this was the best picture I could get, but they really do love eachother!

We love Nikki!

Last week we got to spend some much needed time snuggling with Nikki.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What it looks like around here

 Abigail still isn't a great sleeper. But first thing in the morning she is always bright eyed and happy. She is getting big already.
 This morning I tried to do an exercise video with Kate. It was an epic fail. She followed me around the living room yelling at me to stop. I finally got so annoyed I quit and went to take a shower. When we were done I came into the living room to find Kate had turned the workout back on and was trying to follow along. I guess she just wanted to do it alone, or in the nude, or both.
Here is a lovely picture of me. Kate has been WAY into taking pictures of me lately. This one actually didn't have her finger covering the lens....a I thought I should post it in her honor. lol

Fish Fry

This post is a little outdated--but it needs to be done! Almost 3 weeks ago Jon went fishing for work.  They caught a ton of fish. So Jon called me and informed me we were having some friends over for a fish fry. This was a first for us since I hate fish. I was grateful I wasn't pregnant anymore cause the smell would have made me throw up! It was lots of fun to have everyone over. I must admit it was kinda sexy to know that my man fed a whole group of people....proof that he would have been a great provider even in the old days ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Kate threw up on Friday, and I was trying to teach her to throw up in a bucket. That is a life skill I think she should have! I think she really got the message. Today I heard her telling her baby to throw up in the bucket and this is what I see.
Kate is also starting to really try to share her toys with her sister. This is quite a milestone, she hardly ever shares her babies:
 And then this afternoon I told Kate to go get dressed cause we were going to the store. This is what I found. She was by the door yelling "I'm ready now Mommy!" (the only thing I made her change was her shoes....I'm fine with her fashion statements!)

Monday, October 15, 2012

This is what our weekend looked like:

 Cute doggies. We baby sat our dog-nephew Rylee. Kate was a huge fan of having 2 dogs. She walked around the house saying " Come here boys!"
 Eating Popsicles with Dad. Those two have had at least 300 of those Popsicles over the course of this summer. It helps that summer weather is practically year round here!
 Eating popcorn and watching Doctor Quinn. Jon and I tried to watch the Lorax with Kate, but she literally threw herself on the ground because she wanted Doctor Quinn. lol--kinda funny that she is so into it.
Cuddling with Dad. Since Jon was out of town all week Kate was super clingy to Jon, which isn't normal. She followed him around the house and spent every minute with him.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


 Jon took Kate to go watch her cousin Brooke's soccer game a few Saturdays ago. Kate loved it! So Jon took her to the sporting goods store and let her pick out her own ball (pink of course!) and got her a net. Since he was back in town this weekend he set up the goal and played like crazy!

 But all good things must come to an end--DAD kicked the ball over the fence. Our neighbors have 3 big dogs in their yard, and Jon decided after climbing half over the fence that he shouldn't risk getting bitten. (He had already tried knocking on the door but no one was home) Here he is talking to the dogs...literally.
 Here is Kate saying "silly daddy". She just loves spending time with her awesome dad!
ps---Kate calls her soccer ball football. And she keeps picking out skirts to go outside and play in. I guess she needs to still look fancy while playing soccer.