Monday, April 25, 2011

Let the hunt begin

Kate's first Easter Egg hunt was a success! We got together with the Beaumont Walters and set the kids loose in the yard. Kate was pretty good for a newby.

Once she found the eggs she would throw them back on the ground so she could find them again.

Kate and her biggest helper!

It was great, Jon lifted her into this bush and after that she would walk to where an egg was and hold her hands up asking for help. She knows how to work it already (I'm so proud!)

Marching around with her first 2 finds... too cute!

She would make grunting noises as she bent over for is hard work.

This is the first spot she found an egg...she kept looking back like it would reappear.

She liked the hunt so much that she cried when we tried to go back inside. So daddy being the nice guy he is hung out with her outside for awhile longer. She was a big fan of chillin' in the swing. We are so blessed to have been able to spend such a wonderful holiday together as a family. I am so grateful to our Savior for all He has given us!

First Easter Basket

So Jon and I were lazy parents last year....Kate was still a baby so we didn't give her an actual basket, just a few items we claimed to be Easter presents. So this year we actually did the basket thing. She really liked shaking the eggs (i put change in them like my Grandma used to do! I figured she can put it in her piggy bank I just got her and start saving for She really thought it was cool to have new presents on the fireplace.

I LOVE her expression in this picture....she is wide eyed and thinking "what the heck is this mom?!"

Also we learned that banging eggs together is really cool!
She got some Little People for Easter. When we were in Utah she LOVED playing with them, so I figured it was time to start collecting them. She is a big fan of the songs they play. She likes to start the songs and run away dancing. She is too funny.


Kate and Jon took their first trip to the beach this Saturday. I was doing an activity with some of my Young Women, but I was happy to hear they had fun! Jon mainly went to go fishing, but decided to swim too! Jon said that Kate had a blast! I was super proud of his daddy time-- Kate didn't even come home with a tan line! Super sunscreen applying dad! (I was secretly worried he would forget and she would be a little lobster!) It was a fun beach date. They also went with Jon's brothers, so the cousins got to have fun together.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easily Amused

Do you have those certain things that you use to label yourself with? Like; I am a girl because I wear dresses. Or I am a teenager because I have a bad attitude. Well, I came up with a new label for myself today: I am a boring housewife because organizing and cleaning my bathroom was fun. I found myself dancing and giddy as I cleaned. Weird right? And another reason this label sticks to me is that not only did I enjoy my project, I enjoyed it enough to write a blog post about it! Super lame stay at home mom!

So without further adieu the Before and After:

I went through all my bathroom supplies and threw away the expired meds and products. I even went as far as throwing away my old retainer. Yes you read that right, my dear retainer that I have held onto since now in the trash. Now my bathroom is squeaky clean!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!!

Do you ever have one of those weekends...not one of those weekends, but the good kind? Well this weekend was one of the best weekends a girl can have! We got to have fun with friends 2 full days! We played games on Friday, which is always a great thing in my book! We have so many awesome friends that any excuse to get together is a great time! THEN if that isn't enough, my sweet friend Nikki babysat Kate so Jon and I could go on a double date to Houston. The guys had a meeting for church, and the lovely ladies went on a shopping trip (that ended up just being a drive around looking for something to do--and then luckily getting Jamba Juice and an Ikea run!) When the meeting was over we headed to a tasty lunch. We sang duets of Mulan Rouge all the way home (yes Jon was belting out the guy parts--priceless) And if you thought that was a great weekend just wait, it keeps going! My sweet friend kept Kate all day AND made us dinner! So we didn't have to take care of our kid all day AND I didn't have to cook at all! If any of you know me-- you know how happy NOT cooking makes me! I detest cooking! We ate amazing homemade pizza and played games. AND I wore a pair of shorts that didn't zip a few months ago. Yeah, be jelous. Best weekend ever. Then we got to watch 'Shark Men' and 'River Monsters' on Sunday. LoL Yes I'm and nerd and LOVE shows about fish/marine life. Kate has also started trying to say everyone's name. So far she is best at saying Greg, Jade, and Heather. She also says Bye while she waves. I get so excited when she talks! Hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as me!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm not sure I believe that I am writing this, the one who hates running. Who, even when in my 'prime' was not a good runner. But 'tis true. I ran a 5K. It wasn't pretty (photo evidence proves my claim), but it's done! It took me 41:52...but considering I only trained for a week I'm not too sad. The important thing is that I jogged the ENTIRE time. I ran the race with my sis-in-law Heather and Lena (Jon's boss's wife). We were really proud of ourselves! We are actually looking for another race to run soon. (Part of my motivation is the free t-shirt) Hopefully next time we can improve our time. Lucky for me Heather was running beside me and helping 'pump me up' during the run. It was humid I felt the air pushing me to the pavement. It made it hard to focus on running. But together we pulled through. I can't say yet if I will turn into an avid runner....I still can't wrap my head around me ever attempting a marathon....but I do better if I have big goals to work toward. And races seem to be the push I need right now.

So here we are after the race. Funny that I chose to run with two skinny people....maybe I should pick different friends ;)

Well that is all. I've done a 5K, and I'm done for the day. hehe