Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014

 Christmas 2014 shall be known as one of the lamest Christmases on record. We were in Ohio for 10 days, and spent most of those days sick! And not just me having morning sickness--which I did. The girls and I  and Granny all got the flu! It was ugly. Poor Granny even ended up in the hospital. Not fun. So we flew all the way to Ohio to be sick most of the time. My poor mom was permanent nurse. Thank goodness she didn't end up sick, cause I'm not sure if we would have made it! The slim highlights outside of being sick are as follows.

We had a small birthday party for Kate. She loved the attention of course. Somehow I only ended up with a picture of Abby eating cupcakes.
 We went to this place called Entertainment Junction. Inside it had several carnival type mazes. The girls loved it. Poor Abby got over confident in the mirror maze and ran straight into a mirror.

 They also had tons of model trains. The kids had fun looking at all the stuff.
 We made Snoopy gingerbread houses. Totally all Mom's idea.

 Then the girls helped Granny decorate her tree with ornaments they had made.
 Jon and Granny having a moment playing games Christmas Eve.
 Poor Abby started throwing up Christmas Eve night, and this is how she spent all of Christmas Day.
 Kate patiently opened her presents despite the disappointment of her sister being sick.
 Then we were all down for the count for several days. At the end of the plague, I was able to spend a few minutes with my girls Allie and Jill. Its always great to see them!

 Grandma took the girls shoe shopping and they were in love with the carousel there. Then it was time to fly home. Even though I was over the flu, I ended up throwing up 5 times on the return flight and 3 more times in the car! It was miserable! I was so worn out by the time we got to Houston.... ugh. But on the positive side we survived! Let's hope next Christmas is way more fun that this year!