Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I turn 24. Holy smokes I'm getting up there! As one of my dear friends put it, I'm no longer in my early 20's! Wow. BUT on the plus side today has been wonderful! Sunday my family in TX had a dinner party for me, which was awesome. Then yesterday my sweet friend Nikki took me on a movie date and we had a blast! THEH today at my YW presidency meeting I got a sweet card and fall leaves from WV! My YW president brought me back a bunch of leaves from her trip to the Greenbrier and a candle she decorated with leaves. Oh....it smells like fall in the bag! I teared up just opening it! I love love love fall! AND she brought me some chocolates from the Greenbrier too! AND we went to lunch as a presidency. Talk about being spoiled. But its not over yet....the day is semi- young! Tonight at 6 Jon made dinner reservations for us! I know-- RESERVATIONS?!?! We have never gone somewhere you need a reservation! I don't know what to wear! I am one lucky lady! I will post again sometime later and give ya pictures or something from our exciting evening out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2nd tooth!

I was so excited about the BYU game pictures that I forgot to mention that on Friday the 15th Kate got her 2nd tooth! Here is the best picture I've been able to get of her tooth....she doesn't hold still long enough for me to get anything better! Next I am blogging this picture because it bring me lots of joy(I was debating if I should....it could be considered inappropriate)! Today when I was getting dressed Kate found a new toy! OH it was funny! She grabbed a box of tampons and got one open and was chewing on it! Too funny! She seriously cried when I took it away.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

BYU Football

Friday we left Beaumont and headed to Ft Worth to see Jon's sister Melissa, and to attend the BYU /TCU football game. Jon's brother Scott and their family came too (and had the idea to attend the game! thanks!). It was really a fun time! The trip was too short (Fri evening to Sat evening), but we loved seeing Jon's family and sharing the experiences with family. Kate couldn't have been better ALL weekend! In the car she was great, no crying, no problems. At Melissa's house she was in love with the dogs and slept flawlessly. Before the game we went bowling, and Kate was perfect at the bowling alley. At lunch she was great! At the game she didn't cry a single time! The marching band marched right past us playing, and Kate just watched them. During the first quarter she had fun watching all the people and smiling when they cheered. She fell asleep during the 2nd quarter and slept for half time.....but then woke up and was happy the rest of the game! THEN the almost 6 hour drive home she was perfect! Really this kid is spoiling us! The weekend couldn't have gone more smoothly! Thanks again Melissa for letting us stay with you! Now the photo evidence:

Kate's first time bowling. She just cheered-- they don't have baby size balls.

In front of the BYU truck. A first game for all of us!

The cutest BYU fan in the stands!

Happy girl!

Crashed out in the 2nd quarter. The team did really poorly....but we had fun anyway!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Months!

How cool is it that today 10/10/10, Kate is 10 months old?! I think it is TOO cool!

Here are a few quick pictures I snapped after church before Kate's nap. She was tired and not too helpful, so I'll work with what I got! Kate hasn't changed too much since I last updated....still just one tooth, getting really good at crawling and standing (still no walking unless you hold her hands), she waves hi (when she wants to), gives high 5's, and thinks she is talking but not speaking english! She is just so cute and sweet! Yesterday she got to spend the ENTIRE day with Daddy....I was more nervous than Jon, and everything went great.

Did I mention I cut my hair for the first time since RIGHT after Kate was born?! I have side bangs again and some body! I really like it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photo Shoot

While my parents were here I decided to make them be our photographers. This morning we went around the house and snapped some very non-professional shots. With the exception of me I think a few of them turned out pretty good! I need your help though-- I have 4 picture frames to go above the fire place. What 4 shots should I blow up and use??? Please vote for me! For your convience I will number the pictures!

Please remember to vote! I need all the help I can get!

Super Saturday!

My Dad called me Friday morning to ask what Jon and I had planned for the weekend. "Just watching conference" I replied. He then asked "Well can we come visit you?" That is how this whole crazy, fun, fast weekend started. The plan was that my parents would come visit....they left their house friday evening....drove all night and got here at around 11 in the afternoon! They had a LONG drive for just a few short hours of time here. They were here all day Saturday and then took off this morning at 9:30. But it was great fun! I really enjoyed it! They brought me my birthday present (have I mentioned how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE October!?) and we had a blast.Kate and Grandpa laughing at Chance running around in the back yard.

Grandma and Kate playing with the bunny that was one of the 'reasons' for the long trip! She loves that funny bunny!

Grandma introduced Kate to her new favorite game....knocking over the blocks. Kate SCREAMS and laughs while you stack them back up and when she gets to knock them over. Easily amused little girl!

Silly Grandpa taking Kate for a walk with only one shoe!

Grandma making Kate make a funny face! Kate kept puckering her lips like that after mom would pinch her cheeks! Too funny!

Awww.... Kate just loves her Grandparents!

The trip was fast but really fun! I'm glad they came.