Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be Proud of Me!!!

Since becoming a home owner I have this bad habit of creating 100 million projects that I want to do eventually, eventually being the key word in that statement. I feel like lately I have been thinking of so much to do that it will never actually get done. This past weekend Jon told me to write him a 'to do' list. I thought he was kidding, until he asked for it Friday night. I was SUPER excited....and proceded to write a rather long list:
Please note that 'put up mirror in bath', 'trim bushes', and 'change out bathroom faucets' have been scratched off because my amazing hubby got those done while I was sick this weekend!! Now, with a million more things to go on the list, I decided to work on some other projects on my personal to do list. That list always contains scrapbooking--the never ending craft venture. But since I have on my hubby's list 'hang pictures in house', I decided I was going to do one of my picture projects that have been waiting for me. I am pretty proud of my little creation:

To complete the look, I will (eventually) find someone here to take our family pictures and put 4 of my favs around the phrase above the fire place. I think it will be perfect! (Bri, I SO wish you were here or I was still there so I could use you! now that I have a real place to put family shots!)

More posts to follow about the rest of the 'to do' list projects I'm sure!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just.......... too....... tired

So Kate, Chance and I took a little walk today. It was cut short cause Kate couldn't stay awake, and I couldnt get her out of this position:
Too funny!

Next, I tried to take a picture of Kate's tooth yesterday.... let's just say that this is as close as I could get, so clearly the picture was a failure! But she is so cute!

I am including a cute picture of my new favorite dress on Kate. So simple but so cute!

Lastly, I need some advice! All you readers out there weigh in and help me make up my mind. The problem: I can't decide if I should spend the money to join a gym.

My thoughts: It is like $700 a year! I could use that money to do other fun things. But if you break it down it is only like $30 a month and it includes group fitness classes and childcare. Jon is already going and I'm jelous....but I feel guilty spending the money on me. I do really want to lose weight. Working out at home is proving to be hard....the childcare alone will make the gym so much easier! When I could work out at home I have so many other things that require my time that I usually don't get a work out in. And it is SO HOT here to walk outside. I feel like a bad mom having Kate out too long! Also, I feel guilty going to a gym when my degree is Health Science... and pre-Kate I worked at 2 gyms. I have all the knowledge to work myslef out. So what do you think? It is worth it? Part of me really wants to, and part of me feels guilty spending money on it. HELP ME!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Einstein

I know everyone thinks their baby is a genius, but coincidence?? I think not!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 years!

I can't believe I have already spent 4 years married to this amazing man. In 4 years we have graduated from college, moved 7 times, gone from Idaho to South Carolina to Tennessee to Texas, gotten a dog, bought a house, and have a beautiful baby girl! These 4 years have been some of the most stressful, but totally amazing times of my life! Being married to this man can make me go crazy, but mostly it makes me feel so unbelievably happy! Thanks Jon for giving me eternal happiness!
(ohhh to look like I did 4 years ago....no stretch marks and 20 lbs lighter!!! No fair that Jon looks better now!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kate's First Tooth!

Today Kate's first tooth officially came in! (And by came in I mean it has just broken the surface!) Nothing else too exciting is going on here to report, just wanted to shout to the world that my baby has a tooth now! **Inside I'm cringing, I hope the biting doesn't pick up again...We seem to have it under control....but now I'm more scared of her!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8 months!!!

Time is flying! My baby is 8 months old! She officially pulls up on everything she can! She is normally only happy when she is on her feet. I'm afraid walking is soon to come!
She is getting more and more talkative. She can change the sounds she makes, and its really fun to hear her playing with her voice. She is a social butterfly. She absolutely loves for people to pay attention to her. Every morning/end of nap time when I go into her room to get her, she is standing up waiting for me. As soon as she sees me she starts jumping and squealing with happiness! It makes me feel so cool.
Kate however has decided that she isn't happy to be left alone. She will SCREAM if you set her on the floor. And she is a climber, if you sit down beside her she will try to climb up you. She is kinda like a monkey. Jon and I are afraid she is practicing to become a pole dancer..... She loves to play on the pegs in our living room...and she 'dances' and moves from side to side. It is quite funny!
She gets stuck when she is in standing position....she looks at the floor and yells. It is funny. I guess I'm an evil mom, but I find some pleasure in her discomfort.
Check out that hair! Her little hair is getting so long! It is still curly, and pretty much does whatever it wants. If I comb it or try to style it, it just goes right back where it was to start with! Oh well, she is still REALLY cute!

Monday, August 9, 2010

We Survived!!

Girls camp was a success. Kate was a perfect little camper! She hardly cried the entire time, even though she was DEAD tired. She stayed up as late as the girls every night, so 1 or 2 am....which makes for one tired baby! but man....I couldn't have asked for a better baby! Girls camp isnt the same when you are a leader though, especially a leader with a baby. I didn't feel like I could 'get in' with what the girls were doing because I still had to take care of Kate. But all the girls passed Kate around the entire time, in 3 days she didn't need to crawl on the dirty ground because she was being passed around! Those girls are going to be such great mothers, and great babysitters for the present! If you want to see some pics you can look on my facebook page, Kate and I have been tagged in a few.