Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Rewind

 So for some reason this September I didn't take much time to blog. I guess other than going to school, not much has been going on. Jon is swamped at work so that keeps him off most of the time. And I feel like the girls and I are anticlimactic. But anyway, here are a few things we have been up to.
There was a week that rained every day. It was not a light rain-- it was Texas sized rain storms. One such day we were drenched upon arriving at the grocery store. We looked liked drowned rats, but it was fun!
 I love this random picture of the girls in Jon's truck with Chance mostly because both girls have the same facial expression. There could never be a doubt these two are sisters.
 And during the rainy days the dress up boxes took over the house! But the mess is worth the smiles!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kate hits the field

 Kate had her first soccer game Saturday. I have to confess I was happy her uniform was purple! It is no secret that I dislike the sport of soccer--so at least having a cute uniform made it a tab bit easier for me to pretend excitement for her sake. (Don't worry she doesn't know I hate the sport!). But she was pretty solid of a player. She would run fast after the ball and kick it a few times...but then would back off when other kids came to give them turns, so she doesn't quite get the concept. She didn't get a goal, but we found a good way to use her on defense--she distracted the best player on the other team for an entire goal by standing and talking to her!! hehe! Although the sport isn't my favorite, it was fun to watch her! Abby also really enjoyed cheering for Kate--we may have a cheerleader on our hands with that one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kate starts Preschool!

Today was the big day, Kate started Preschool!! She is going 4 days a week from 9am-1:45. Her teacher is Mrs. Knowlton, and seems to already have Kate's attention. I'm so proud of her. She went right into her room and hung up her backpack, and sat right down. She is such a brave girl. I'm excited for her to learn, she is like a sponge right now, and I predict she will thrive at school!

First Baseball Game!

 One of Jon's suppliers gave him 4 tickets to see the Houston Astros baseball team. It was a great time with the girls! They loved it-- even the drive!
 Our tickets were great! only like 8 rows from right field. And to our surprise the field was covered and air conditioned! Part of me felt that was cheating the game-- but down here you really have to. This heat is miserable.

 And the girls were entertained pretty perfectly by the game. Every time a song came on they would stand up and dance. They also started shouting along with the other fans....which got a little scary for mom! And then the biggest winner--was the bucket of popcorn! Between us we ate 2 buckets at the game! Such great fun family time!

Home Front

 Around the house lately we have been enjoying each other. My girls are really sweet together about 70% of the day! One day we made a batch of cookies together. I learned that baking with a 4 and 2 year old takes a lot more time and patience than doing it alone, but their cute faces are worth it.

And as always we are all in love with Dad. He is great at playing with the girls as soon as he comes home from work. We all think he is pretty great!

Eye Surgery--and Hair do

 Kate had a follow up eye surgery this past week. It was just with a laser, so that made it all quite nice. The actual procedure took about 3 minutes. We go back to the doctor again this week to see what improvements, if any, there are.

 The other day Abby was taking a great nap, so Kate and I had some quiet time and I felt the need to be creative....and Kate's hair ended up being my canvas. I ended up doing a spiral french braid, for no real reason, it just happened. I know I'm weird.