Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shhh.... everyone but me is sleeping!

I am finally a free woman! For hopefully another hour. I got Kate and my neice Brooke to sleep at the same time! The silence is almost

I thought while I was free, instead of being productive I would write about our latest happenings.
Kate celebrated her first Valentine's Day. She came with us on our V-Day dinner date...and was pretty fussy most of the time. Jon got me a massage and facial.....I can't wait to use it!
Kate can use her bumbo seat!! I just love her face when she sits in it... so serious!

This is the closest picture I have been able to get lately of her smile. She smiles ALL the time, except when I try to snap a picture. The second the camera comes out she just stares at me. It is like she is torturing me!
Example of her 'no I will not smile for you no matter how long you try to talk me into it mom' face
I am still babysitting Brooke. Sometimes I feel like I'm an abusive babysitter... but it isnt my fault! She LOVES to play in Chance's cage with Chance. If i try and take her out she cries! Sometimes I'm tempted to lock her in.....j/k! I am also getting really sick of The Little Mermaid....we watch it on average 3 times a day.

Here is another funny 'mom I will not smile' face.

Sunday naptime with daddy. Kate just loves being with her dad. Hopefully his work load will lessen soon so we can have more moments like this. He has been working his butt off! We are lucky to have him home at night. I really do have the best husband ever though. He works so hard for Kate and I.

Other than babysitting, I'm pretty boring. I've been busy trying to find a doctor who will take a new patient so we can get Kate's well baby visits taken caer of. Also applying for new insurance has soaked up any second of free time I get. Oh the joys of being an was much easier when my parents just did everything.

Ah...the silence is officially broken. Kate needs a fresh diaper. Untill next time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 months and 2 days!

Our little bundle of joy is 2 months and 2 days old already!! Where did the time go?! I guess when you aren't sleeping normally time flys! Kate is so much fun right now. I love this stage of her life. She is starting to look at bright things, and smiles all the time! She only wakes up once at night, but goes back to sleep with her pacifier. She prefers a shower to a bath. She is too big for her newborn clothes, and too big for some of her 0-3. 3-6 month clothes seem to fit already too!Our bathroom scale says that she is 13 pounds! When I finally find a doctor here I will tell you the official stats. Moving is a pain in the butt... I haven't found a pediatrician who is taking new patients! LAME! But life here is really fun! Kate is such a blessing, and I feel honored to be her mom.

I have started babysitting for my 2 year old niece Brooke. She just loves Kate too! During the day she will come tell me that Kate is cute. lol.... even little Brooke sees how cute Kate is! Brooke also loves to put Kate's pacifier back in her mouth.... even if Kate is sound asleep and not wanting it. lol. Watching a 2 year old is really giving me a glimpse into my future!

Kate is just so cute! This is prolly my new favorite outfit on her... it is 3-6 months! I cant believe how big she is.
Lastly, my dear friend Corteiga made Kate the most adoriable headbands! I had a photoshoot with Kate.... she really turned on the baby charm!

Not so sure what to think of this headband/bow...

Ok... I think I get it...

The camera loves me!

Now I'll give you the relaxed pose.

And finally, the pouty lip. And look! No headband required to make the bow stay in~ I love this kid's hair!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kate's Baby Blessing

So this past weekend we were happy to have family come into town for Kate's baby blessing. My parents were able to make the flight down from Ohio despite a large snow storm and Jon's parents met up down here from Kansas. Jon's beautiful sister Melissa also made the trip down from her home in Fort Worth. With the family that is already here in TX with us, we had a full row of people from our family at church! Kate is such a popular little girl! It was such a sweet experience to hear my husband give our sweet baby her name and blessing. I am so excited for her future. I hope and pray I will be able to teach her all she needs to know to grow into an exceptional young lady! And now for the pictures... cause that is the most fun part! Her little dress was made by her grandma... she is quite skilled when she puts her mind to something. Sorry if my sentances dont make sense, I started babysitting my 2 year old niece today. I went from a first time mom to a mother of 2 in a day... I'm getting used to doing 20 things at once!