Friday, April 25, 2014

4 Eyes--or 3 depending on the time of day

 Isn't she the cutest little glasses wearer ever?! I think so! These frames took some convincing to pick out though, Kate's favorite pair was NEON pink. Even the person helping us at the eye doctor exclaimed "Oh My that is bright!". Thankfully he helped hide them when she was distracted and I was able to talk her into this pair!

Sadly, for 3 hours a day Kate is still very unhappy. She hates wearing her eye patch, and throws a fit for the entire time she has to wear it. It almost makes me miss the struggle with eye drops.

Easter 2014

 This year we did Easter a little different than normal. Instead of doing Easter baskets on Sunday morning and adding to the chaos of church, we did baskets Saturday evening and watched some videos about Christ. I think it was a great idea, that I may make permanent! And the kids weren't so hopped up on sugar for church!

The chocolate bunnies were too funny! Abby loved the giant chunk of chocolate and make herself a huge mess! (made me happy I didn't bother to dress them cute for their baskets!)

 Hunting Easter eggs was fun this year too! Both girls were really quick about it. It was fun watching them.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Decorating Easter Eggs

 Kate was super excited to decorate easter eggs. Abby on the other hand took the task quite seriously.

 Luckily the eggs are hard boiled, because we had a few casualties. But by a stroke of luck, we didn't spill any dye! We  tried to explain the reason for Easter about Christ's resurrection, but Kate got really confused. "But Jesus died, so He is in Heaven mom." When I then explained that He came back after He died, she just started arguing "No, we go to Heaven when we die!" I thought it was best to just move on. Next year she will hopefully understand better.

Spring happenings

 Kate and Abby have started a new thing where they lay under my bed and watch cartoons. And yes, Chance likes to join them. It cracks me up to see my kiddo's feet peeking out. *Kate was too far under there.

In other news, Abby has started drinking out of a real cup. Usually because she steals it from the table or counter somewhere, but at least she is decent at it and doesn't always spill--just most of the time!
And this picture is just too funny not to document. She put the stickers all over her face then started to freak out because she didn't want them there anymore but didn't want to pull them off. It is so hard to be almost 2....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Since Kate's surgery our family has experienced a huge outpouring of love from our friends and family. I feel overwhelmed by gratitude. People have watched Abby so we can go to appointments with Kate, sent packages, cards, flowers and prayers. Several people have brought us meals and loaned us movies to keep Kate entertained. Kate has told me on several occasions, "Lots of people love me right mom?" And of course the answer is YES! Seeing this many people serve our family makes me wonder what I ever did to deserve such amazing people. Nothing. That is my conclusion. I don't deserve this kind of treatment, but I appreciate it so much! I would be lost without the support system I have.

 Kate and I started a post surgery project, making a Princess tower for her princess barbies. We aren't done, but here it the before picture. And as you see below, we are spending lots of time on the couch these days!
 Fingers crossed we will be able to do therapy and get her vision to improve in her bad eye. We started doing a patch on her good eye for 2 hours a day, but it is tricky, since she can't see well she hates it. It's going to be a long road, but with all the support we have around here we should be just fine. Thanks so much to everyone who has been there for us!