Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

 Jon and Daniel took the kids fishing this weekend! The girls always love when they get to spend time with Dad. This was Abby's first official fishing trip, and she loved it. She keeps talking about how cute baby fish are. Jon even convinced Abby to kiss a fish while they were there!

More of Life Lately

 So part of the reason I'm so bad with the blog updates lately is that this pregnancy is doing a number on me! It really isn't much different than the last two, but I think having two other kids to keep alive at the same time has really gotten the better of me. Even at 7.5 months I've been throwing up so bad I've been to the hospital for fluids. Almost done now! I can't wait to not be pregnant again!
 Kate finished her second season of soccer. Her team was terrible--but Kate could always hold her own. She scored several goals in every game. Even when her team was getting a beating Kate would keep a positive attitude.
 Hot weather is officially dominating southeast Texas again. So trips to find water to cool off in are beginning! This past week we went with Mason to a splash pad to cool off. It was fun to watch the girls run around and have a blast. I have such great girls with huge personalities.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

End of Preschool

 This year, Kate has exceeded my expectations in school. My goals with putting Kate in preschool was to basically just get her used to the idea of being in a classroom and following the rules. But Kate has had almost no problems with behavior, and has just blossomed! I have loved watching her flourish! Her teachers, Mrs. Knowlton and Mrs. Smith, were wonderful. She has learned so much! She is more than ready for Kindergarten. I couldn't be happier. I may of may not have cried at graduation.

 At the graduation they announced what each kid said they wanted to be when they grew up. Kate said that she wanted to be a Mom because she loved being a Mom and taking care of kids.

I'm so proud of the little lady this girl is turning into!

Catch up

 I have been so lame at keeping up with our lives lately! So here is a quick catch up. I got to see my friend Leslie a few weeks ago, we went to go see Mama Mia in Houston. Poor Mallory was supposed to come with us but was on bed rest. It was great to see Leslie again- I love those friends that even when they move away you still have the same relationship,

Lately, the girls have been having a blast with their Dad! He really is the best! One day we surprised Jon after work with squirt guns and had a giant water fight.

We also went bowling with Dad recently- and the girls loved it! I love their little feet in their bowling shoes!

Texas Bluebonnets

 My dear friend Meghan helped me take the girls to take some pictures of the girls dressed up looking at bluebonnets. It was a mess to try and get these excited girls to cooperate for a picture, so these are the best we got! I think they are pretty cute!