Friday, June 30, 2017

Ohio Summer Trip

 As usual we went to Ohio for a summer trip! And again as usual Grandma and Grandpa were very popular. We went to Grandma's classroom one day to help her organize the room. Jane found a lethal weapon---a gigantic sharpie! And I got to spend some time with my Grandma!

 One of the main reasons for the trip was Jon remodeling Granny's kitchen. Here are the before pictures.

 Zach, Nathan and I all helped Jon. We got all this done in one full day!

 Uncle Zach and Aunt Paige are also super famous with my girls! We went to the Cincinnati Children's museum, and the girls loved every minute! I love seeing the wonder and joy on their faces in these pictures!

 Jon liked taking a nap at the museum too...

 And we met up with Nathan and Amy and their girls. We had lunch and played at their house. The girls had a blast! And Jane was a huge fan of Nathan. She kept telling him long stories. Too funny.

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