Monday, May 22, 2017

May Days

 May has come and gone. Jon has pretty much worked his tail all the way off. He sits on the couch and works right up until bedtime almost every night. Soccer and school finished up. I have photo proof that Abby can stand in a line! And Kate and Jane having lots of fun on the sidelines.

 Jane is enjoying her spray bottle for fixing her hair.
 All of us snuggled onto the couch--Chance is next to Jon even though you cant see him.
 Abby's school had a Mother's Day breakfast. It was fun hanging out with my girl.
 Jon taught the girls how to eat cherries and avoid the pit. They were huge fans. Proof that he is their father! I hate cherries!
And this is what it looks like when Dad orders the ice cream cones t the restaurant. They were a sticky mess when they were done!

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